What exactly is a love tie for?

what exactly is a love tie for

The ties of love are a type of spell very special. You have to be careful when performing them because, although they are white magic, they are at the limit. If you want to learn how to make moorings, take note of what they imply and what are their main uses.

What is achieved with a loving tie?

+ They are carried out to modify the will of the person to whom they are directed , to make them love us when they do not or change their opinion regarding a breakup, for example. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to work since they require great magical energy to be effective.

+ In addition, the effects of moorings are usually temporary. Not only because it is very difficult to apply the energy necessary for its effect to be maintained over time, but because the natural tendency of people is to feel and act again as they did before making the tie.

+ Before doing them, we must reflect on whether we really want to achieve our goal by these means. The feelings and wills are very personal and we must be sure that our action will be the best choice for that person.

+ If you are still sure that it is worth trying for the good of the other person, then we recommend that you start with moorings for beginners and also consult the ingredients you need to make them.

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