Six out of ten singles would forgive an infidelity and give a new chance

six out of ten singles would forgive an infidelity and give a new chance

When considering forgiving an infidelity , more than half of Spanish singles resort to ‘everyone deserves a second chance’ .

Hence, six out of ten are willing to make a clean slate, as long as their partner promises not to relapse, according to the study ‘Infidelity, reason for a break?’ prepared by FriendScout24, an online platform for finding the ideal partner .

Many have been on the verge of making “a mistake”

The report ?? made among more than a thousand singles registered in this portal- reveals that the lack of communication and the lack of interest of the other person are determining factors to fall into the temptation of deception , according to 30% of those surveyed.

Routine (27%), sexual dissatisfaction (23%) and the need to appease the “burden” of being “tied for life” (20%) are some of the justifications used by singles to throw a ball in the air. .

However, despite the fact that 80% of singles swear and swear to be faithful, they do recognize that on more than one occasion they have been on the verge of “making a mistake” if it were not for the feeling of guilt that often invades them.. In fact, 61% say that the guilty conscience of cheating on their partner would inevitably lead them to confess it.

New technologies have become allies of infidelities

On the contrary, there are those who openly speak out in favor of ‘top secret’ infidelities , arguing that in this way they do not make their partner suffer. Thus, 39% of those surveyed approve of having new experiences from time to time; yes, as long as the couple does not find out.

However, no matter how much you want to hide an infidelity, there are situations and moods that raise suspicions. According to the FriendScout24 study, avoiding sex , being more irascible than usual or hiding to talk on the phone are more than enough reasons to set off all the alarms.

And it is that in this of infidelity, technologies and especially the Internet have become great allies. In this way, 65% of those surveyed consider the Internet a discreet and confidential means to find people with whom to maintain secret, stimulating and fun relationships.

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