The Absolutely Predictable Things Unfaithful Men Do

the absolutely predictable things unfaithful men do

The statistics do not lie: 35% of husbands are unfaithful. And unfaithful men have very similar behavior patterns. With this in mind, writers Elizabeth Landers and Vicky Mainzer published The Absolutely Predictable Things Cheating Men Do , a script of the tricks and changes men always make when they cheat.

The Absolutely Predictable Things Cheating Men Do was written like a movie script, and it gives very concrete clues on how to discover the infidelity of your husband or boyfriend. The authors describe phrases or actions that seem to be part of everyday life, however they can mean a secret infidelity.

Answer these questions for a little cheating quiz.

Infidelity test

1. Does your husband criticize men who cheat on their wives and swear by the Virgin that he would never be unfaithful?

2. Has your husband ever dropped, in the middle of an argument, that you should go to the psychologist?

3. Does your partner get angry about everything and start proposing that you look for work, that you join the gym or that you go back to study?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, one of the many asked by Elizabeth Landers and Vicky Mainzer, it is best that you pay attention because it is very likely that your husband or boyfriend is having an affair. All that, of course, according to the writers.

The writers justify their book on describing the unfaithful man because “many times women feel it but do not want to see it” and do not take an attitude “before it’s too late to save a relationship.

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