The meanings of dreaming about sweets: a moment of relief

the meanings of dreaming about sweets

What do you want for dessert? Surely if you pass in front of a pastry shop you will want everything they have in the window, especially if you are a little hungry. Dreaming of sweets is one of those dream experiences that you don’t care if they come true because of how pleasant they are. And, indeed, almost all the meanings of dreaming about cakes, pastries or chocolate are positive. Be careful, we have said almost all, not all. If you want to know the meaning of sweets in your dreams , we will tell you about it in our dream dictionary .

Why do you dream of sweets

If in real life you feel great after eating a piece of cake , in your dreams the same thing will happen to you. As long as you don’t binge on sweets, of course. If that bag of goodies that you bought to see your favorite series on Sunday afternoon takes you to the joy of childhood , in your dreams you will feel something very similar.

Sweets symbolize joy , happiness , illusion , fun , togetherness , pleasure … And perhaps it is not the healthiest food in the world, that must also be taken into account. But a dessert, a typical sweet, some candies, some cakes, an ice cream, a cake or some chocolates do not cease to project a pleasant and well-being sensation .

Be careful, because it is not advisable to abuse this sugary resource either in real life or in dreams. Because sweets have a fine line between producing well-being and producing a feeling of guilt . Or between making you feel good and happy or making you feel a certain heaviness and taking away your vitality. Sweets, after all, are a whim. A whim that you give yourself and that is one more way to take care of yourself, pamper yourself and give yourself what you deserve.

The different meanings of dreaming about sweets

With this in mind you can intuit where the interpretation of your dreams with sweets is heading. To the recognition of the merits achieved , to the reward for the effort, to the enjoyment, to the joy, to those moments of pleasure that we must learn to value as soon as possible.

+ Dreaming of a birthday cake

You can have this dream at any date because it does not talk about having a birthday. Talk about those happy moments of meeting with friends or family, of reasons for celebration , whatever they may be. Because what this birthday cake comes to tell you in dreams is that you can always find some reason to celebrate.

+ Dream of sweets

The treats represent that happy, carefree childhood time . It is true that adults also eat sweets, but it is children who know the most to appreciate these explosive flavors and what they really represent: joy, fun, play, carefree.

+ Dream about cakes

A tray of cakes is one of the most frequent dream images along with those of cakes. In both cases the meaning is the same, a wake-up call so that you are more attentive to everyday pleasures , so that you decide to enjoy life, so that you place well-being and joy as a priority.

+ Dreaming that the cake is bitter

As you can imagine, not all the meanings of dreaming about sweets are positive and we find their worst side when the cake that is so appetizing is bitter, tastes bad or is spoiled . It is a dream that speaks of disappointments , in love or in life, of broken illusions and a certain frustration because things are not as you expected.

+ Dreaming that you can’t eat sweets

Perhaps the doctor has removed the sweets from your diet or perhaps you have returned to childhood and your parents have punished you without dessert. Anyway, the dream speaks of that feeling of having it almost within your reach but without reaching it . Your goals, your projects, your objectives, were so close … And you don’t know what happened but now you think that you are not going to achieve it.

+ Dreaming that they take your candy

Who took your candy? Because you haven’t lost them. Surely a person who wanted to do you harm has taken them from you. Attention to this dream because it speaks of emotional suffering caused by other people, those famous toxic people that we have all had around us at some time and who play with our feelings, who teach us the candy and a second later they snatch it from us.

+ Dreaming that you enter a pastry shop

A whole world of pleasures await you behind the door of a patisserie. What are you waiting for? Enter, fall into temptation and choose from the thousand possibilities of delicacies and whims that you find there. Do not deny yourself happiness and joy neither in life, nor at the table, nor in your dreams.

+ Dreaming that they give you something sweet

Here we have double happiness because the satisfaction of receiving a gift is joined by the joy of sweets. A two for one that speaks of the same thing , of letting yourself be pampered by others , of allowing joy, happiness and love to enter your life, of opening your doors to the world of pleasure, of sharing the best moments.

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