Who is Andy Milonakis? Instagram, dating, bio

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Profession: YouTube
Date of birth: January 30, 1976
Age: 44
Net assets: 2 millions
Birth place: Guarda, NY
Height (m): 1.68
Religion: Christianity
Relationship status: Married

Andy Milonakis is a famous actor, comedian and rapper who is best known for his MTV show, ‘The Andy Milonakis Show’. Andy’s fame began with a ‘Super Bowl is Gay’ YouTube video. This video went viral and was hugely popular which led to him starring in his own MTV show.

After gaining fame, Milonakis appeared alongside rappers such as Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa in the 2012 film, ‘Mac & Devin Go to High School’. In more recent years, Andy has been cast in films such as ‘Dumbbells and Halloweed’. In addition, he is also famous for his voice acting in the hit series ‘Adventure Time’. Now let’s get to know a little more about him.


Andy Milonakis was born on January 30th in Katonah, New York, USA. He was born with a congenital growth hormone condition that gave him a different voice and a teenager’s appearance. Despite his condition, Andy had the heart to work tirelessly to find fame.

For his education, Milonakis went to John Jay High School in Cross River, New York. While in school, Andy was a target for bullies. To avoid this, he was using his humor as a defense mechanism.


After graduating from high school, Andy started working at a local accounting firm. He was a technology advocate for the company and spent a lot of time working in the same place because of his love of technology. He also had quite a bit of free time making comedy videos for his friend’s website. Andy then uploaded a video titled ‘Super Bowl is Gay’ on January 26, 2003 and that would change his life. The video went viral, and even the Jimmy Kimmel Live writer was impressed with his work.

After a drastic turnaround, Andy started working for MTV on ‘The Andy Milonakis Show’. Despite finding tremendous fame with the show, Andy didn’t stop there. She started her YouTube channel in 2008 and started posting videos. His videos like ‘Jerry Winefed’, ‘Pussy Pussy Marijuana Verge’, etc. They were helping him gain a significant following on the channel as well.


Now coming to the personal aspects of his life, according to reports, Andy is still a lonely man. He has been very reserved about his love life and prefers to hide this subject from the spotlight. As of now, Andy has yet to be seen with someone you can call his ‘girlfriend’ and having done enough digging, it’s safe to say the comedian is not in a relationship and is rather focused on his career.

My girlfriend says I cheated on her because I bought a new pocket pussy. Weird, because I didn’t know my old pocket pussy could talk

– Andy Milonakis (@andymilonakis) October 17, 2017

Andy may be single, but that doesn’t stop him from finding humor in this topic. He likes to joke about the concept of marriage. However, he is still looking for a perfect match as per a tweet, explaining the reasons for his single life.


Andy became famous for the videos he was posting on his friends’ website. Things have drastically changed for him since then and Milonakis has continued to accomplish bigger things. He has worked with famous rappers like Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa and starred on his own MTV show. So according to our understanding, Milonakis has a net worth of $ 2 million.

Andy is also quite active on social media platforms which is evident by the fact that he has been able to find fame through social media. He has a decent fan following on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You too can follow it with the handles listed below.

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