To dream that you are waiting for the bus and it does not arrive: overcome uncertainty

e waiting for the bus

Sometimes the scenes that you live or that you fear living in your day to day appear in your dreams. It is the case of dreaming that you are waiting for the bus and it does not arrive , a dream experience that can make you go through a whole range of emotions that range from nervousness to the deepest anguish. But everything has an explanation and this dream perfectly reflects a complicated vital moment. do you want to know what is it about? We tell you everything in our dream dictionary .

Why do you dream that the bus does not arrive?

You are waiting at the bus stop and it does not come . You have arrived on time, so it is not that you have missed it, maybe the bus is late. You start to worry because you are going to be late for your destination, probably for work and the truth is that it is not your fault. It is the bus that does not arrive but you know that your boss does not care and the reproach you are going to take anyway.

+ Or it may not be work your destination, but another place you want or have to get to . It is not in your power to make the bus pass on time, but helplessness overwhelms you. Nervousness too. Doubts begin to appear, what if you got confused about the stop? What if the bus passed at another time and you were wrong? Because he first, when something goes wrong in your life, it’s to blame yourself .

+ Then comes the uncertainty and the thought, What am I going to do? What will happen if I am late? Is something missing from me? Surely you recognize that feeling that something is being overlooked and that is precisely what this dream indicates to you . There are moments in life when things do not go as planned and the moment of bewilderment, confusion and doubts arrives. Where am I going wrong? Keep in mind that it may not be about you, but something that is beyond your control .

+ You can’t do anything if the bus doesn’t arrive, the wait is killing your nerves and your patience. Is patience what you need? Perhaps, but what this dream proposes is that you develop your tolerance for uncertainty , that you do not let everything that you cannot control impact you too much and that, perhaps , you can do something with the uncertainty in addition to waiting for pass. Why don’t you stop waiting and walk to the next bus stop?

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