Why you should not judge someone who does love rituals

why you should not judge someone who does love rituals

Many times it is inevitable: we judge people by a single aspect of their personality or their lives and we do not realize that we all have very different aspects that characterize us and make us unique. Those who perform love rituals and believe in them do not deserve a hasty judgment and we are going to tell you why.

Prejudices against those who perform rituals

Everybody has their beliefs. Some are determined by the environment in which we grow up, others we acquire over time as we read and learn about the topics that interest us the most, such as rituals .

There are people who do not have faith in anything spiritual or magical , there are others who feel special devotion to one or both. Each person has a story behind them, a series of experiences that have made them who they are.

Being prejudiced against people because of their beliefs is not good because in the end they are more harmful to the person who has them than to the one who is directed, because they stop meeting interesting people . How can we avoid being prejudiced against those who believe in magic when it doesn’t make sense to us? You just don’t have to take these people for crazy or desperate.

If they have concluded that performing rituals helps them in their love life and that they are not hurting anyone, what difference does it make? We must be tolerant of anyone, especially those who do not have the same beliefs as us. Otherwise, you will miss meeting the most interesting people.

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