Who is Beach Ball from “The Masked Singer”? Everything we know

beach ball from the masked singer

We still have no idea who’s behind the Beach Ball mask!
However, we are keeping track of the most recent guesses and hints!

Band-Aids crossed in an X pattern is the first clue.

What is his costume like?

The masked singer’s beach ball features red, white and blue stripes, thick lashes, and red lips. They are placed with starfish and seagulls on a beach.

But who is he really?

The Beach Ball costume is the coolest because it appears to be so little in comparison to the other costumes. We presume the person’s legs are covered by the Beach Ball, which is seated on a sandy platform. Standing next to Nick Cannon is the best way to evaluate how tall the Beach Ball is.

Since everything is permissible in the new season, everyone has anticipated that beneath this mask will be a novel persona. The most surprising findings are the ones you least expect. It may be a major celebrity or a huge child star hiding behind the mask. This isn’t the strangest outfit of the season, despite appearances.
Elmo and Miss Piggy are two of the most widely accepted possibilities. While neither has instantly recognizable voices, we do know that puppets are permitted on the program in this exciting sixth season.

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