Who is Hamster from “The Masked Singer”? Everything we know


We still have no idea who is behind the Hamster mask!
However, we are keeping track of the most recent guesses and hints!

The first hint is a silver whistle.

Who is Hamster from “The Masked Singer”? Everything we know

The Masked Singer, a popular celebrity singing competition, is back for a new season, complete with elaborate costumes, a few off-key performances, and a lot of detective work before the formal unmasking. The audience is introduced to Hamster in Season 6 of the FOX program. This ball of fur, on the other hand, was not on the initial roster.

Last season’s Wildcard twist returns, with six celebrities who aren’t from the original cast taking the place of those who have been revealed. After night one of the battle, the Hamster took the position of Octopus, who was revealed to be NBA All-Star Dwight Howard. On The Masked Singer, who is Hamster?

On ‘The Masked Singer,’ who is Hamster? — Clues

Despite the fact that the competition is only in its early stages, Hamster’s rendition of “Oh, Pretty Woman” has already wowed fans (and the judges). Hamster not only has singing ability, but based on his clues, he appears to be a well-known artist who is “accustomed to appearing in all types of arenas.”

Bedazzled headphones and glittering necklaces are also part of the orange furball’s outfit.

In his clue package, the mystery celebrity remarked, “Unfortunately, my physique is shaped like a Hamster.” “I’ve always been the person who jumps from one job to the next with my celebrity pals.”

The Guesses — Hamster on “The Masked Singer”

Warning: this contains a spoiler. While we don’t know who is behind the Hamster mask for sure, the correct identity might be revealed in the guesses below.

The judges had a few ideas as to who may be beneath the mask after Hamster’s outstanding debut performance and clues. Jenny McCarthy gravitated towards the fish hint and chose Albert Brooks, who portrayed Marlin in Finding Nemo. Judge Ken Jeong guessed Brendan Fraser or Bill Murray, while Jenny McCarthy guessed Albert Brooks, who voiced Marlin in Finding Nemo. The singer’s voice sounded like Kelsey Grammar, Tim Allen, or Andy Richter, she said. It might be Jack Black, Nicole Scherzinger speculated.

Many admirers believe comedian Rob Schneider to be Hamster’s real identity. The 57-year-old was born on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco.

A baseball bat was inside Hamster’s hint locker. Rob appeared in The Benchwarmers, a 2006 comedic baseball film, which may be remembered by fans of the Saturday Night Live alum.
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Fans believe Gabriel Iglesias is behind the Hamster disguise, particularly because the Hamster says the celebrity below is “formed like a hamster.” To make fun of his weight, Gabriel calls himself “Fluffy.” On social media, there’s also a recurring joke that John Stamos is the Hamster.
On ‘The Masked Singer,’ who is Hamster? It’s…

Hamster has yet to make an appearance on the show! But, throughout Season 6, we’ll keep you updated with new hints and guesses.

Wednesdays at 8 p.m., Fox broadcasts The Masked Singer. Hulu also allows viewers to watch episodes.

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