8 feelings that every unfaithful person experiences sooner or later

8 feelings that every unfaithful person experiences sooner or later

What happens to people who cheat on their partners?

With the possibilities that exist today to maintain a relationship made almost to your measure, it seems incredible that we still have to face cheating and infidelity. But that’s how it is. Instead of opting for an open relationship, for example, many people cling to the traditional concept of a couple and that concept seems to include infidelity. So we keep trying to understand the unfaithful and have discovered the 8 feelings that every unfaithful person experiences sooner or later . Because yes, it seems that the infidels also feel.

The most common feelings of the unfaithful

Generalmente analizamos la infidelidad desde el punto de vista de la persona engañada, su decepción, su tristeza, su rabia, la pérdida de la confianza, el posible perdón o la casi siempre recomendable ruptura. Pero resulta que la persona que engaña también atraviesa por una serie de emociones, a veces contradictorias, que nos conviene entender. Los infieles también sienten y esto es lo que les ocurre mientras traicionan a su pareja.

1 Culpa

El sentimiento de culpa es inevitable, aunque tal vez no sea lo primero que siente el infiel cuando tiene una aventura. Aunque sea un pinchazo, aunque utilice mil estrategias de evitación, tarde o temprano pasa por su mente esa sensación de estar traicionando a su pareja. Y sabe que eso está mal lo mires por donde lo mires.

2 Euforia

An unfaithful person feels euphoric at some point during the adventure. It may be just a one-night stand, but that night will remain in your memory as one of the most exciting and interesting moments of your life . An infidel feels euphoric, reaffirms his self-esteem and ego and feels like the most daring, adventurous and wonderful person in the world.

3 Wish

It is true that being unfaithful can increase sexual desire. For this reason, despite the fact that he has sex more times now, his partner cannot intuit anything negative due to this change in the intensity of his desire. On the contrary, you may think that your relationship is going through its prime.

4 Conflict

The infidel sooner or later will feel in conflict with himself. There may be some insecurity or even self- loathing about your behavior. Because despite the efforts not to morally value his own performance, he knows that it is a betrayal of the person with whom he is committed.

5 Anxiety

There are people who are very used to lying, but even they do not get rid of the weight of maintaining and feeding a lie as an infidelity. Deleting messages, making excuses for not going home, remembering those excuses and the danger of being discovered creates a permanent alert situation that can lead to anxiety problems .

6 Greatness

The unfaithful person feels great, their self-esteem increases because they feel desired by another person besides their partner. Now it is wanted by two people! And who doesn’t like to be loved? That feeling of greatness and power fluctuates with other more negative feelings, especially when reality crosses your mind.


The infidel gets bored. They say that boredom is one of the most common reasons for infidelity . But it is that not only does he get bored with his partner, but he can also get bored with his lover if the infidelity continues over time.

8 Liberty

The long- awaited freedom can never come from a lie or a deception, but unfaithful people do not know that during the time that this kind of freedom limbo lasts for doing something prohibited. They will soon discover that the freedom they feel for being unfaithful will soon become a cage from which they will not be able to escape.

Have you ever stopped to think what unfaithful people feel? They, too, deserve a bit of attention, though not necessarily a bit of forgiveness.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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