Allodoxaphobia: what it is and how to deal with it


Are you afraid of giving your opinion in public?

There are many phobias related to social interactions and they are generally related to problems with self-esteem or insecurity. This is the case of allodoxaphobia, a disorder that prevents you from giving your opinion, in public or in private, because you fear being judged for your words. We tell you everything about allodoxaphobia or the fear of expressing opinions in our dictionary of phobias .

Allodoxaphobia: what it is and how to deal with it

Allodoxaphobia is the fear of expressing opinions, although this fear is sometimes amplified by trying to also avoid listening to any other person’s opinion. But the most important problem is precisely the staff, the one that prevents you from speaking or giving your opinion because you fear that others will judge your words . And because you fear the consequences of giving your opinion .

In this case the fear arises because you consider the act of giving opinions something dangerous for you, either for your prestige or you may even fear putting your own life at risk. Anyway, it is an inordinate and irrational fear that can cause you many problems in your day to day, in your social, family, sentimental and work relationships.

Symptoms of allodoxaphobia

This phobia of giving your opinion is sometimes related to glossophobia or fear of speaking in public, a very common problem that has different degrees. But allodoxaphobia is closer to lalophobia or the fear of dialogue for fear that no one will take your opinion into account. And how do you know if you suffer from allodoxaphobia?

You know you have this phobia for your silences , for those words that stay inside you when they should come out. Because you have the right to give your opinion like everyone else in this world but your fear prevents you . And it’s not just fear. When it’s time to say something, you start to stutter.

It is just the beginning of a series of reactions that include all the anxiety symptoms such as dizziness, rapid heartbeat , shortness of breath, feeling of unreality or that panic attack that assails you at the most inopportune moment. Something that only corroborates your decision to avoid giving your opinion.

Causes of allodoxaphobia

One of the most worrying aspects of allodoxaphobia is its cause. Apart from the usual origin of any phobia, which is the traumatic experience, in the case of fear of expressing opinions we find low self-esteem and insecurity that must be dealt with as soon as possible . Because when your self – esteem problems begin to prevent you from developing your life normally, you cannot leave it for later.

It may have come from childhood, it may be that adults made you shut up in bad ways when you were a child, it may be that at some point you said something inconvenient and that caused a huge emotional burden … Or it may be that in this society that tries to silence you don’t think women have the right to speak .

Although it must be noted that allodoxaphobia can be suffered by both women and men, that insecurity is not a gender issue . Therefore, with your inability to express an opinion and with the guarantee of low self-esteem , a low self-esteem and great insecurities, it is time to seek the appropriate treatment.

Treatment of allodoxaphobia

The fear of expressing opinions is not something you can solve yourself. It is true that by improving self-esteem, gaining confidence in yourself, believing in yourself and overcoming your insecurities, you will be able to see the act of talking to someone from another perspective and you will be able to act more naturally. But when we talk about overcoming a phobia, we are also talking about psychological treatment .

If cognitive behavioral therapy is the most effective in treating any phobia, in the case of allodoxaphobia it must be accompanied by gradual exposure techniques . That is, practice in small groups, in related groups, in groups in which you feel safe and try to give your opinion. But as we always warn, let yourself be guided by a professional.

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