Compatibility and horoscope: are a Scorpio and a Gemini friends?

are a scorpio and a gemini friends

The horoscope can know what a person is like depending on the zodiac sign to which they belong. But what is really useful about all this is knowing who you are going to get along better with. Therefore, this time we focus on discovering if a Scorpio and a Gemini can be good friends according to the horoscope.

Scorpios tend to be very confused by the way Geminis are so changeable. They tend to feel a bit fearful when faced with this zodiac sign, especially as soon as they meet him . Scorpios are a bit distrustful and if to this is added how lost they feel when they have a Gemini in front of them, it is usually difficult for them to relate to this sign until they gain confidence with them.

This is the friendship between a Scorpio and a Gemini

Although Scorpios do not know how to understand Geminis or how to deal with them, Geminis try to end this feeling with large doses of joviality and joy. This open personality helps Scorpios feel a little more comfortable . However, for a Gemini to consider a Scorpio as a good friend, they have to verify that this water sign is not as possessive as it may seem at first.

Scorpios and Geminis can be good friends if they can overcome the first few moments of mistrust. They may not have very similar personalities, but in some ways they can complement each other very well. For example, the good advice that Scorpios often give their loved ones come in handy for Geminis who sometimes have their heads too in the clouds and forget about the really important things . On the other hand, Geminis are very versatile people and can adapt to any plan, so Scorpios will always be satisfied with what they do together.

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