Compatibility and horoscope: the love between Scorpio and Sagittarius

the love between Scorpio and Sagittarius

Do a Scorpio and a Sagittarius get along? Long enough to form a couple? The horoscope tells us about compatibility between the signs of the zodiac so that you discover if the love between you has future possibilities. Below we find out if Scorpios and Sagittarians are lovingly compatible.

The horoscope and compatibility of Scorpio and Sagittarius

The theory says that a Scorpio and a Sagittarius would not get along very well if they are in a loving relationship. But what actually happens in practice? The Scorpios are related to the water element while the Sagittarius, with fire . Their personalities are very different, but if both are willing, it will not be very difficult for them to complement each other. When a Sagittarius falls in love, they surrender to an unsuspected level, but that circumstance takes a long time to arrive. In the case of Scorpios, the opposite happens. That is, they are very enamored but as soon as they are in love as they hate their partner.

That is precisely one of the things that Sagittarians hate the most of Scorpios, their lack of consistency . Both their opinion, their tastes or their arguments change overnight, which makes them people with the ability to adapt perfectly to changes.

But Scorpios also have a few things to throw at Sagittarians. The latter have a tendency to give life a lot of drama, which is why they turn any small conflict into a problem . A Scorpio and Sagittarius couple will have a lot of fights, but they won’t last long because neither of them is usually spiteful. Both must understand each other and know when to give in

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