Do you suspect that your partner is unfaithful? Ask these questions and get out of doubt

do you suspect that your partner is unfaithful

Cheating people usually keep their secret until practically the end of the relationship , or until there are no more reasons not to be sincere because their partner has discovered them. However, you may have some reasons to suspect that your partner is unfaithful and you still don’t have any proof to show that you are indeed correct. Do not worry! Ask him these questions and get rid of doubts once and for all.

8 basic questions to discover an infidelity

Before thinking very well of any of these questions, you must be very calm. Keep calm, nerves are not good company when it comes to discovering an infidelity. If your partner is unfaithful there are some red flags, and hence some of these questions arise.

Who are you talking to?

Welcome to the world of infidelity in the era of new technologies . Who is your partner talking to on the phone who has left the room to have more privacy in the conversation? Who sends you a WhatsApp at dawn? Who do you spend hours chatting with? Who has given you a like on your social networks? And so we could go on asking ad infinitum.

2Why have you changed your routines?

An unfaithful person changes their schedules, changes their routines and may even have joined a gym. Suddenly, professional commitments will appear about which he tells you little or nothing and the doubt remains in the air. Because it is clear that infidelity is not the only reason why a person decides to give a new turn to his life.

3Why are you taking a shower now?

Your partner is a little late from work. He has stayed for a drink with his colleagues, or so he told you. And so far no problem, right? But he comes home and the first thing he does is go into the bathroom to take a shower, without stopping to give you a kiss, without sitting with you to tell you how his day has gone. This scene is a red alert for infidelity and the question is motivated.

4What do you smell like?

Maybe instead of the previous scene your partner comes home and you smell like he’s just showered. And it doesn’t smell like your gel, the one you wear to the gym. It is an unknown scent. The last straw is when your partner arrives smelling the perfume of another woman. Has it ever happened to you? As for not asking the question .

5Why do you have passwords for everything?

You have to respect the privacy of the other person as a couple, that is clear. And you don’t have to look at your mobile phone or log into your computer if it’s not shared. But if before there was total trust and now you have put keys and passwords for everything … Why do you do it?

6Why don’t you want me to come pick you up at work?

You kindly offer to pick him up at work and he says no. Don’t bother. Your intention is to spend a little more time together and take the opportunity to get home earlier or go to the movies together, but he insists you don’t. They don’t want you hanging around their schedules, why is it?

7You do not love me anymore?

This question is tremendous and sooner or later it arises when infidelity haunts the couple. It is true that it can also be done when you feel insecure, but if the relationship has changed and you no longer feel loved, it is fair to ask what is happening . It may not be infidelity, but something has changed, right? Well, problems are solved by talking .

8Why did you have your mobile turned off?

The million dollar question is asked when you call your partner and there is no answer. The phone is off or no signal. What’s going on? It may be in a place without coverage or you have turned it off for a work matter. Can be? Everything is possible in this age when it seems that we must always be connected and available.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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