Guaranteed! Love spells that work

love spells that work

In the practice of white magic , we call ‘earth elements’ all those that have to do with it in some way. The main ones are plants and semi-precious stones, common ingredients in love spells , but there is more. We reveal them to you.

What elements of earth are used in love spells?

From a stone that you can find along the way, through flower petals such as orchids, to all kinds of aromatic herbs. Any element from the earth will allow you to perform a love spell. Find out about the powers of each of these elements and … may love triumph!

Aromatic herbs

Rosemary, thyme, lavender are common ingredients to perform love spells . They are considered elements of earth because they need it to be born and nurtured and therefore they carry the characteristics and magical energy within them. Ideally, use fresh herbs, but if you don’t have any, you can use dried herbs, which are very easy to find in any supermarket. Each type of herb has a different purpose, for example, lavender is usually to attract peace and harmony, and rosemary, to give a spicy point to a relationship … A simple love spellAnd one that works easily is to wrap a branch of each of these herbs in a white handkerchief and knot it. Leave it stored in the drawer of your nightstand to ensure that your relationship is perfect.


It is not a very common element, but sometimes they are used to perform love spells . They can be used to pick up past relationships or go back to the beginnings of a love relationship. Normally, the roots of aromatic herbs or flowering plants are used, but always taking care not to break them too much so that the plant can continue growing. Cut a small piece of a rose root and a whole rose. Put the petals and the root in a bowl of water and leave them under a tree for about five hours. Do this if you want an ex to reappear in your life for a passionate romance.


Roses, daisies, chrysanthemums, orchids … each flower has a different meaning within the love spells. Their colors are also important, because each one has its function: yellow flowers bring happiness; the roses, tenderness; white gets bad experiences; the red ones bring passion and the violets, mystery … Take some flowers of the color that best serves to solve what worries you . Put them in water and leave them on the windowsill or on the terrace overnight, (better if it is on a full moon). In the morning, put a few drops of that water on your chest and on your wrists.


Ordinary stones also have a place in love spells. They are used as weight, that is, so that the spells and requests that we write on paper are anchored on the surface of influence and are more effective. Take a blank piece of paper and write the name of the person you want to notice you in ink . Pass it through the smoke wisps of an incense stick and place a stone on top of the paper.

Earth and sand

The sand on the beach or the land of the forest are ideal for performing spells because they are charged with magical energy when being in the middle of nature. Their power is powerful, they are usually used to solve couple conflicts and you have to use them with care . Simply by sitting on them or placing a hand while we recite our spell they contribute a good amount of magic. On the beach or in the woods , sit cross-legged with your palms flat on the ground. Close your eyes and take a deep breath letting its power invade you. Think about your partner and what you would like to see changed between you and focus on it while still breathing.

Semi precious stones

Its qualities are almost magical on their own. One of the ones we use the most is pink quartz because it is the stone of love par excellence. It is advisable to wear jewelry with these stones because they help us to balance our feelings. To perform any type of love spell it is advisable to include these pink quartz because they will work as enhancers, although you can also use them alone. Take the stone (it can also be a ring or a pendant that contains it) and hold it in your hands while you recite: ‘come into my life, what is that person I want to fall in love with’ to find a new love.

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