Love spells and moorings: their differences

love spells and moorings

The love spells and tethers have different utilities and, although sometimes may use the same ingredients , their exercise behavior is completely different. We tell you everything you need to know to differentiate spells from moorings even if their objective is love in any case.

What are the differences between a spell and a tie?

+ Its function: both spells and ties are used to achieve something we want. However, the former have a basis on which to build them, that is, they are carried out when you want to reinforce a feeling or a situation that already exists. However, moorings have the opposite function, that is, what they do is change feelings or situations that we do not like. The spell pushes in the same direction as the existing feeling, the mooring does it in the opposite direction.

+ Are they white magic? : love spells are always white magic and so are bindings . The only difference is that the moorings are on the border between white magic and the dark arts . This is so, because as we have already explained, the objective of moorings is to transform feelings. In this sense, they go against people’s will and you have to be very careful when using them.

+ The ingredients : one of the ingredients that they always have in common is candles . Sails are used as magic enhancers , almost as a source of energy for the spell or tie to work . They are also used herbs, oils and incense. The main difference is that in the moorings we usually use threads, ropes or boxes to ‘tie up’ (hence its name) what we want to change.

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