Meaning of dreams with lions: dream of leadership

meaning of dreams with lions

The lion symbolizes power, nobility, strength, ability and emotional balance

Within the group of dreams with wild animals, those of lions represent both leadership capacity and inner strength. The role that the lion plays in our dream is the same as the one it plays in real life. Power, nobility, strength, capacity and emotional balance are the aspects through which the interpretation of dreams with lions moves. Do you want to know what it means to dream about lions ? In Diario Femenino we tell you everything with the help of our dream dictionary .

The symbolism of lions in dreams

Despite the fierce and wild appearance of an animal like the lion, the truth is that if you dream of lions it means that you have finally managed to connect with your inner strength . Thanks to your dreams with lions, you will be able to discover aspects of your personality that remained hidden and you will also be able to find some other warning on how to conduct yourself so that things go well.

Undoubtedly, the lion has some peculiarities that have made it a sacred animal in many cultures. To the aforementioned characteristics of strength and power, we can add another very important one that you may be able to take advantage of in your dream with lions: courage . The courage, the determination, the willpower, the decisive capacity. Lions may appear in your dream to give you that little push you need to move on .

The lion is also considered the king of the jungle, which relates him to power and leadership . If your concerns are related to the work environment, it is possible that you are attracting lions to your dreams so that they transmit a little of that powerful energy, that security , that respect that they inspire in others.

Because the lion is respected by the rest of the animals (it is also feared, but that may not interest you so much). With just a roar, the rest of the animals are on guard and abide by his dictates. This may be talking about a situation in which you feel invisible, both at work and in your personal life. It is not so much a question of respect as of attention , of that feeling that they are not taking into account your proposals, your opinions and your needs .

You also know that lions stand out for their loyalty and their protective spirit . But be careful, because sometimes the limits are exceeded and you find yourself with an inordinate passion but with the need to mark territory. And that, when it comes to personal relationships, runs the risk of becoming a need for domination .

The key to better understanding your lion dreams is paying attention to the emotions it conveys to you and the way you wake up . If it has seemed like a nightmare , if you feel that you are in danger or that there is something that escapes you or if, on the contrary, you wake up with a lot of energy and ready to eat the world for breakfast.

The different meanings of dreaming about lions

We have already advanced some of the meanings of dreaming about lions and we continue to analyze the most frequent dream scenes in which we find these animals as protagonists.

+ Dreaming that you feed the lions

Not all people would dare to approach lions to feed them and you are. You may notice some nervousness, but the dream is very positive because it indicates that you dare to do things even if you are afraid . You will surely wake up from the dream with renewed energy and feeling that you can with everything.

+ Dreaming that you are a lion

In many dreams with animals, you are the animal itself and if you dream that you are a lion it can be for two very different reasons: either you are aware that you already have certain characteristics of this animal or you think you need them in your life. That features? Strength, power, leadership, for example.

+ Dreaming that you talk to lions

And what do the lions tell you? This dream is similar to the one in which you feed lions. You relate to them without any fear, so the first positive sign is that you are sure of yourself . But even if you are sure of yourself, sometimes you doubt and that’s where that talk with these animals comes from that provide power and at the same time vital tranquility.

+ Dreaming that you have a lion as a pet

You could have a cat purring on the couch, but you happen to have a lion for a pet. It is evident that you go on your own, oblivious to conventions and, sometimes, also oblivious to what is most convenient for you or not. But no one can know better than you if that lion you have at home is a positive or negative influence in your life.

+ Dreaming that a lion attacks you

It is very common to dream of a lion attack. Depending on the aspect of your life that worries you the most in those moments, that fight with the lion can suggest arguments with your partner, family or work problems . In any case, it is a warning of the difficulties that may arise in the near future. But if in your dream you end up defeating the lion, you can be calm, because you will surely know how to solve the situation successfully.

+ Dreaming of a caged lion

As in all dreams, for a correct interpretation it is necessary to pay attention to all the details. If the lion you dream of is caged, the meaning is directed towards all those passions that you have hidden . And if the lion remains in front of you without making any movement, you will have to be careful in love, as it reflects the dominant character of your partner .

+ Dreaming that you are riding on a lion

Success in business or professional development is clearly manifested if in your dream you are riding the lion. But you also have to observe the emotions that the dream itself transmits to you. If what you feel is fear in front of the lion, your insecurity may play a trick on you and you will find it very difficult to achieve your goals .

+ Dreaming of cubs lions

Dreams with lions can also tell you various things about your love life. If you dream of lion cubs, it is interpreted as a season full of fascinating and intense loves , while if what you dream of is a lion tamer , it means that you will have the power to seduce whoever you want.

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