Phrases of disappointment in love: the romanticism of pain

phrases of disappointment in love

All (and all) at some point we have felt disappointed in love , either because our hearts have been broken, because the person we had by our side was not the one we expected or, why not say it, for both reasons. And, let’s be honest, being disappointed in love is something much more common than we would like, because sometimes finding a partner can be a real headache.

To comfort you, make you reflect, perhaps laugh a little, at times rejoice in your own bad luck or get a little more angry (sometimes you have to let out the courage that we have inside) we have prepared this selection of the best phrases of disappointment in love . And then, a compilation of the most iconic heartbreak phrases of the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Ready?

Phrases of pain for love with their own meaning

If you are currently going through a process of heartbreak, perhaps this sounds to you: popcorn, romantic movie, crying, wanting to call your ex on the phone … Better not, another romantic movie, love songs and more crying. Don’t worry, it has happened to all of us, not to mention long conversations with friends or even self-help books. But in Diario Femenino we know that there is something much better and more therapeutic than all that, the phrases of disappointment in love . Although not just any phrase , but those that help us to get ahead, to manage our anger or sadness and to think that we are better off alone than in bad company.

1 Sad eyes should be asked fewer questions and given more hugs

Are you tired of being asked why you broke up? If you do not want to explain, surely you identify with this phrase. What you really want is hugs!

2 It was nice while … I believed it

For those who suffered a great disappointment when they realized that their partner was not what they expected

3 When your partner gives you more problems than happiness and you are still there, then there are two people who do not love you … One of them is you

You have to love yourself a little and learn to say goodbye when the relationship no longer brings you anything nice. For self love!

4 Focus on yourself, your dreams and goals. And remember that people are fleeting, whoever loves you will be there, and whoever doesn’t, keep walking

Exactly! It is time to look out for you, that person who walks away from you. Now is your time, the time to take care of yourself and value yourself .

5 Sorry, it’s late. I have met my common sense and we think that your false promises do not suit us

When your ex wants to come back but you are clear that you are not going to make the same mistake twice.

6 Disappointments make you open your eyes and close your heart

Sadly, this is usually the case, but as they say: time heals everything.

7 I feel like I’m waiting for something that won’t happen anymore

When we have not yet managed to close that cycle and deep down we feel a certain hope motivated by an illusory and utopian idea about what could happen, but deep down we know that it does not.

8 When they leave you without a reason, they don’t come back with an excuse

Yes, regrets are not worth it if the person has not had the respect to explain why they decided to end the relationship.

9 In life you have to know who to smile at and who to cry to, not everyone deserves both.

Don’t waste your tears on someone who is not worth it . Better to reserve them for a person who deserves it.

10 Last night you broke my heart, I cried, I screamed, I got drunk and I vomited all my love. And you know what? I’m better

A good phrase from the blogger poet Anya Rodd, who shows that in the end the important thing is yourself and that everything can be overcome .

11 To each disappointment, his forgetfulness arrives

Well yes, although at that moment everything looks difficult and dark, in the end everything passes and … it is forgotten.

12 Instead of crying for you, I prefer to smile because deep down I thank you for giving me the opportunity to find someone better than you

This phrase is perfect for all those who are disappointed and somewhat angry.

13 There are attitudes that separate more than the distance

Has your long- distance relationship broken up? Perhaps this heartbreak phrase sounds familiar to you.

14 Don’t promise anymore, let’s just leave it at that. Neither you can fix it, nor can I trust you again

Because sometimes we give some opportunities to people who ultimately disappoint us so much that we stop trusting them.

15 When the heart is broken you have to stick it again little by little

Yes, little by little and little by little. With patience, in the end the heart is like new again, although with important learning .

16 The rain falls because the cloud can no longer bear the weight

Tears fall because the heart can no longer bear the pain. It’s okay to cry, because a love disappointment hurts a lot. But you know, after crying , to move on.

17 #you had the opportunity #ladejasteescapar #byebye

Clearer, impossible, right?

18 I am sorry to admit it, but with you I only lost precious time of my life

When someone hurts you , and in the end you realize that you’ve just wasted your time.

19 I may miss the illusion of what you could have been, but not you

Sometimes we idealize a relationship, but when we see reality we realize that that person is not worth it .

20 Appearances are not deceiving, expectations are deceiving

Exactly! We expect so much of someone that we do not see what they really are, until we hit the door in our faces.

21 Whatever comes let it come; what stays, let it be; what goes, let it go

A wise phrase that makes us reflect on how to face disappointments in love.

22 You only lose what you hold on to

A good phrase of detachment from Buddha . If we hold on less, the breakup would hurt less.

23 I was afraid that you would leave and you left … one less fear

A wise phrase (and somewhat comical) by the Mexican poet and illustrator Andrés Ixtepan. Living a relationship with fear of losing the other does not make sense.

24 I do not know if you remember that I am the one who loved you when you did not love yourself

Some love disappointments have to do with the fact of having been with the loved one in good times and bad, without their appreciation and deciding to end the relationship.

25 The feeling of having your heart broken hurts

The feeling that everything is finally over is liberating. When a relationship is so bad, in the end it ‘s like breathing again .

26 You were completely wrong, but now you will not be able to look back because I already fixed my eyes to the front

When you are determined to move on, there will be nothing that can change your mind.

27 I miss those moments when you just wanted to spend the rest of your life by my side

Every relationship has a beautiful stage, which we can miss when it ends. Of course, do not forget the rest.

28 I expected so much from you that I hit the door in my face

That is the problem many times, that we expect too much from the partner and it does not always meet our expectations.

29 Now I understand why they say that it is bad to get used to someone

The perfect phrase for those who were not expecting it or who did not value at the time how comfortable they felt in their relationship.

30 Just to clarify: I did not leave, you pushed me away

In case there is any doubt, let it be loud and clear.

31 How sad it is to love someone who does not love you in their future

It is one of the saddest and most painful things for someone in love, but for that reason you have to try to turn the page.

32 It’s my turn to ignore you

For those who don’t have enough respect, get over it.

33 No, thanks. I’m allergic to love

If you are in the phase of having lost all hope, this phrase is perfect for you . Of course, in the end you will surely retract.

Frida Kahlo love disappointment phrases

The famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo lived with Diego Rivera perhaps one of the most intense and toxic love stories – why not say it – in the artistic world of the time. But, nevertheless, her history of heartbreak made her grow and mature as a woman, leaving us intelligent phrases that show her pain of the heart, but at the same time the courage and the overcoming for her self-love. Phrases that can touch your soul, but at the same time make you reflect on the process of heartbreak that you are experiencing.

34 If you want me in your life, you will put me in it. I should not be fighting for a position

That’s! You do not beg for love, whoever loves you has to show you by including you in their life.

35 There are loves that are better to end before they finish with you

The Mexican artist was absolutely right. It is better to be cautious and not get into a toxic relationship that will only hurt you.

36 I don’t want a love that is half, torn and split in half. I have fought and suffered so much that I deserve something whole, intense, indestructible

When you realize that what they offer you is not what you truly deserve. Frida Kahlo couldn’t have said it better.

37 You will understand me when your soul hurts like me

The other part of the broken relationship may not understand how bad you are going through, but one day they may know what it feels like, when they truly fall in love .

38 Whenever I talk to you, I end up dying more, a little more

A totally devastating phrase , ideal to pity you for a while … Of course, later to lift your spirits.

39 To mature is to learn to love beautifully, to wonder in silence, to remember without grudges and to forget slowly

A wise phrase from Frida Kahlo that can help you take things more calmly.

40 I live each day hoping to see you return … and each night knowing that he is gone

When you are in a relationship that does not work you can feel this, but ask yourself, is it worth it?

41 It wasn’t because of her, it was because of you and me, first because of me because I’ve never been able to understand what were you looking for, what are you looking for, what do they give you and what did they give you that I didn’t?

It is well known that Diego Rivera was a hopeless womanizer, which is why Frida Kahlo suffered love disappointments for a large part of their relationship.

42 Where you can’t love don’t delay

For Frida Kahlo, love was one of her priorities, so she did not understand why wasting time with someone who is not loved.

43 Here I go again. Whole or in pieces, but there …

A very real phrase, after a love disappointment you may feel totally broken, but you keep going on your own.

44 Sometimes you have to forget what you feel and remember what you deserve

Frida Kahlo put it perfectly, because sometimes you have to end a relationship because it is not good enough for you , despite those feelings that often confuse you.

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