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Reality star, Billy Bretherton, famous for ‘Billy The Exterminator’ series. The show was broadcast on the American pay-TV network ‘A&E’. Billy is an expert in the field of pest and wildlife control. In addition, he owns ‘Vexcon’, a company associated with animal and pest control located in Benton, Louisiana. On the other hand, he is a former Airman Senior in the United States Air Force. Additionally, he also appeared on the Discovery channel’s ‘Dirty Jobs’ program.

The last episode of her Billy show The Exterminator aired in 2012. Additionally, on April 5, 2017, the Inquisitr reported that the reality star returned to television almost five years later with a new season in A&E . Read on to find out more about the television personality.


Reality shows recognized for his unique style have shared limited information about his personal background. Furthermore, he did not disclose information about his date and year of birth. He was born to American ‘Big’ Bill parents and Donnie Bretherton had also made frequent appearances on his shows. In addition, he grew up with his brother Ricky in one of the cities of the United States.

After completing his education, at the age of nineteen, he decided to join the US Air Force, primarily with the intention of making a career in law enforcement. But after the military exam, he went in to study biology and entomology.


Although he began his career in the US military, he later moved his career to an exterminator. His career began while he was stationed at the Nellis Air Force in North Las Angeles, Nevada. In 2004, Pilgrim Films contacted Billy and offered a pilot for the Discovery Channel to shoot. The program is based on a pest control show he offered after interviewing 200 companies. That’s how it ended with Discovery channel’s ‘Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe’ show. In addition to this, the Spike Network has also chosen the show to put in its slot.

In 2009, his original show ‘Billy The Exterminator’, initially ‘The Exterminator’, aired its first season on ‘A&E’. Later, in his fourth season, he and his brother went to various places in the United States to assist local exterminators and wildlife rescue services. After completing his sixth season, Bretherton has announced the end of his show and will not continue the following season without any reason. Also, in the same year, he left his family business in Louisiana and moved to Illinois.

Later, in 2016, Billy starred in the original show ‘Billy Goes North’ for CMT in Canada which aired on Corus Entertainment and Proper Television. In his new program, he has tackled parasites and animals that cannot be handled with other exterminators. Subsequently, he returned with the seventh season of his show ‘Billy The Exterminator’ on April 5, 2017.


Well, we don’t know that Billy is a married man as he featured his wife Mary in a few episodes. Therefore, since her marriage, she had produced a child whose identity is lacking in the media. The couple seems to have a good understanding of each other. Despite having many conspiracies, the couple happily live together and support each other.

Additionally, fans were shocked when the Bretherton couple was arrested in 2012. The story goes that, in 2012, the sixth season of ‘Billy The Exterminator’, police arrested Billy and Mary on a drug possession warrant. . After the final episode of the fifth season, one of the bystanders called the police to a hotel room in the town of Bossier, Louisiana, where they were staying. Then, after the research, they were guilty with synthetic marijuana and drug paraphernalia. After that the couple released with the $ 500 fine and also a community service.


Speaking of his earnings, there isn’t much to say about his annual earnings or income. But according to his work as a reality TV personality, he may have to earn over $ 100,000. Additionally, Bretherton makes a net worth estimate of over $ 500,000. sadly, he earns some profits from his Exterminator business ventures.

The TV personality who appears alongside her family on the reality TV show does not seem to prefer the use of networking sites. Therefore, he also does not prefer to show off his personal life through different social media platforms.


The Exterminator was popular with his unique fashion style, black Goth-like clothing with accessories like large silver jewelry, dress spikes and steel studs. It usually has pointed or long hairstyles with different styles and a unique shape of sunglasses. The television personality who may have turned forty or fifty appears to be very fit and possesses a well-built body structure. But there isn’t much information about his body weight, height or measurements.

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