Who is Cupcake from “The Masked Singer”? Everything we know


We still have no idea who is behind the Cupcake mask! However, we are keeping track of the most recent guesses and hints!

Compass is the first clue.

Who is Cupcake from “The Masked Singer”? Everything we know

Cupcake is one of the many new characters introduced in this season of The Masked Singer. This larger-than-life sweet treat is the newest masked singer attempting to catch the judges’ and viewers’ attention while they try to find out who it is.

There have already been a slew of solid predictions, and fans are continuously on the lookout for new information as it becomes available. So, in this season of The Masked Singer, who is Cupcake? Continue reading to learn all you need to know.

A compass was the first clue offered to Cupcake at the special sneak peek show. We received our first mystery box in Episode 3, which included the following clues:

On a phone, the digits 1, 9, and 8 are dialed.
a coffee machine
“I haven’t been alone in a very long time. I’m used to being in the spotlight with others.”
a glass of whiskey
“Someone I love just got some bad news concerning their health,” says a “wet floor” placard in Spanish.
Three pancakes in the form of a heart

The Guesses: Cupcake on ‘The Masked Singer’

Warning: this article contains spoilers. While we don’t know who is behind the Cupcake mask, the correct identity may be revealed in the following guesses.

On this season of The Masked Singer, there is a lot of conjecture about who is behind the Cupcake costume. RuPaul, Erika Jayne, and Faith Evans are among the most popular names given by fans.
Faith Evans, RuPaul, Erika Jayne

Fans have already begun to form ideas about who may be behind this specific costume on The Masked Singer based on the mentioned evidence. Apart from the ones listed, below are a few of the most popular guesses:

Chris Stapleton is a country music artist.
Brad Paisley is a country music artist.
Kristen Chenoweth is a well-known actress.
Melissa Joan Hart is a well-known actress.
Melissa McCarthy is a well-known actress.
James Charles is a fictional character created by James Charles

Several admirers noted in the comments section of Cupcake’s Instagram reveal that they’re fairly certain it’s Faith Evans, but they didn’t give any proof to back up their claim.

There’s also a strong case to be made that Erika Jayne is the one in charge of the Cupcake costume. There are a few essential elements that, according to a YouTube commentator, give it away.

The basis behind their belief that Erika is Cupcake is as follows: “She takes a shot of whiskey before every performance. The bad news is that my husband has dementia. She worked in a go-go bar or anything along those lines. Spanish wet floor sign… a psychic told her that in a former life, she was a Spanish boy. In the message, there are a lot of Gs… last name Girardi. She starred as Rocky Hart in the Broadway production of Chicago. She like desserts. Yes, that laugh and that voice belong to her.”

So, in ‘The Masked Singer,’ who is Cupcake? The solution is…

Cupcake hasn’t made an appearance on the show yet! However, we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as they’re available!

New episodes of The Masked Singer run on FOX on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST.

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