Dreaming that your house is burning: what it really means

dreaming that your house is burning

How do you interpret fire and fires in dreams? Those horrible dreams that make you wake up in anguish and fear are inevitable. It is the case of dreaming that your house is burning, a nightmare that you should not try to forget because its interpretation can help you. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream that your house is burning .

Dreaming that your house is burning

Many times we have talked about what the house symbolizes in your dreams . Your home is your own world, the one in which you feel protected and that contains everything that is important to you. Therefore, the meaning of this dream in which your house is burned is not encouraging at all. Everything you’ve built so far is in jeopardy . Why?

Generally, any disaster that occurs in your home, such as a flood or burglary or a landslide, means that you are going through a period of vital instability . Maybe a change is coming from those that destroy everything you had. But do not go down, because if it destroys it first, then it gives you the opportunity to rebuild it in a better way.

If to this we add the component of fire or fire to your dream , we find that you are also suffering a time of stress that is endangering the most important thing you have, that which you keep at home. Your dreams, your aspirations, but also your family, your partner.

Sometimes these dreams in which your house is burned happen due to conflict. Family problems or relationship problems can make you believe that your life as you know it is shaking. It is up to you to stop and reflect and decide if you should put out that fire or let it wipe out your whole world to start over.

The importance of fire in dreams

Fire has a powerful symbolism in dreams. Although it is closely related to destruction and for that you only have to see the destruction caused by a fire in its path, the truth is that it is also a purified element . Fire purifies, that’s why we surround ourselves with candles when we meditate or why we need it to make spells. The fire destroys everything, also the negative.

In addition, fire symbolizes passion and this also has its face and its cross. With passion we achieve our dreams, our goals. With passion we love, with passion we build. Passion gives us the strength to keep going. Unless it is another type of passion, the fire that comes from anger , resentment , the desire for revenge . We need a certain intensity in our life.

And sometimes we also need to bulldoze everything to rebuild it. The Phoenix is reborn from its ashes, because among the ashes there are also components of creation , of regeneration . Even in those relationships that seem finished, the ashes can play an important role in recovering the fire.
Fire warms us, fire welcomes us, fire feeds us. And in all these aspects we can see how dreaming of a fire or dreaming that your house is burning has a dual interpretation . What if it was up to you to keep the bright side?

The different meanings of dreaming that your house is burning

Get ready to discover the three most important meanings of dreaming that your house is burning and to be able to work with these interpretations. With them you can vary not what happens in your dream, but what happens in your life from this fire.

+ Dreaming that your house is intentionally burned

When in dreams your house is intentionally burned, it is because you are living a complicated moment and your world is slipping from your hands . You do not take control of your life and that generates a lot of instability and a lot of anxiety . By not taking the reins, your life is subject to the will of others, which is not always the one that will benefit you the most.

Many times this dream in which your house burns because someone wants to leave you with nothing responds to those toxic relationships in which you end up disappearing under the influence of the other. It may also be pointing out betrayals with family or friends and, of course, see if in your work environment you are as appreciated a person as you seem.

+ Dreaming that your house is burned by accident

Sometimes the fire is not caused, but your house is burned by an accident and you do not have to look for culprits. It is true that this dream may be speaking of certain doubts regarding your sense of responsibility and that it can also help you to leave behind the weight of guilt. But the most common interpretation is to learn to manage uncertainty .

Because it can happen. It may happen that from one day to the next you lose everything. Let your life fall apart. The dream tries to put you in that situation of vital disaster not as a premonitory sign , but so that you wake up and reflect on all those things, the most important, that nothing and no one can ever take away from you. Not even an accidental fire in your house. Do you already know what it is about? Do you already know what it is that no circumstance can take away from you?

+ Dreaming that you burn your house

You may be surprised by this dream in which you burn your own house. Why would someone do something like that? Have you lost your mind? Not necessarily. This dream does not have to be a nightmare or cause you misunderstanding. What are we willing to give up to be happy? What steps are we willing to take? To what extent do we want to transform our lives?

Those are the questions posed by this dream in which your house is destroyed by a fire that you have started. And you have caused it because you need a new house, one that does not lock you in the past , a house that better reflects the moment you are living, a completely renovated home because you have changed or because you want to change.

And you? Have you ever dreamed that your house burned down ? Tell us your dreams in the comments and we will help you interpret them.

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Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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