How to Make Love with a Pot-bellied Man

Love to a Pot-bellied Man

Help! My husband has a big belly!

This incredible question that a reader asks us: How can I make love with my husband when he has a big belly… he’s a very chubby man 🙂?

This may seem like a slightly out of the ordinary question, but it is surprising how often this question is asked and many couples find this a big problem. When your husband or your man is too fat, sex often doesn’t work . Also, it is difficult to see him attractive, but you must be cautious.

Here in anonymous mode we show you what a woman writes to us about her husband’s belly:

What should I do? My husband is something like more than 30 kilos overweight , but he thinks he is very athletic and sexy and apparently does not see that he has a very big belly. I tried to focus on the things I liked about him, but sometimes this overwhelms me . And the problem is also that he wants me to say that I like the way he looks and that he is athletic and irresistible, but I am not capable. What should I do? I love my husband, but this is really difficult for me and I don’t know what I should do. I don’t understand how you can see yourself so different from what you are, but I also know that you have low self-esteem and I want to honor and love you for who you are.

Another reader writes us:

My husband is getting so fat that having sex is becoming almost impossible . Seriously, your stomach is getting in the way! What am I supposed to do? I must tell him ?

Remember that you should not pity him, but it is not bad for them to talk about it, since both are being affected by it.

So if your husband is really pot-bellied, how do we have sex? See below for some tips on which sex positions work best and how to address your weight issues.

Sex Positions to Make Love to a Fat Man

We know that sex with fat men is sometimes complicated, when your man is fat you have to be careful and be able to breathe, breathing is a very good thing, we appreciate it very much and let’s face it: if your husband is too big, the missionary position just doesn’t work .

First because you can’t breathe very well and secondly because if your tummy is too big, you probably won’t be able to achieve full penetration because your stomach will get in the way.

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So what should I do?

Think of it this way: if you have a large stomach, then the erect penis probably rests on the stomach. In some cases, the stomach may even protrude from the penis. So if sex is going to work, you’re going to have to do something that pulls the penis away from the stomach.

That leaves normal missionaries and some other positions off the list of poses to use with them and that is why below we show you the best 4 sexual positions for chubby men that you should put into practice so that both of you are satisfied:

1. Woman at the Top Away

Do it by lying away from his belly, personally I tend to like the positions of women on top if the man I am with is too big, because gravity is used. It shouldn’t be too unsightly, but the fat can fall to the sides instead of going up, and it’s likely to decrease quite a bit compared to when you’re up or upright.

If you can lean towards their feet, this may work better, because the angle is quite different, and we know that chubby sex should be practiced differently, so this is good practice. I also read in some research that I was doing (yes, actually, I read some of this) that one of the benefits is that you can get some stimulation of the clitoris against your stomach , so that’s okay, something different definitely, but that can get to enjoy a lot.

2. Woman on top In Front of Her Feet

This is a little different, but you go upstairs and turn around, turning your back to your man, in this way he will see only your hair and your back, and this in many occasions is very sexy. Again, the point is that it is angled lower so there is more room for you to move around and get better penetration. This is undoubtedly one of the best sex positions for fat people that you can practice, you will surely love it.

3. Lie down while kneeling

Sometimes sex with a chubby has limits of what can and cannot be done, so we warn you that this position works better if your man is not too big, this can work better because if he stays on his knees and in an upright position during penetration, it will stay away from the stomach.

Without a doubt this is one of the best poses to make love with a fat man since the penetration will be deep and you can touch your breasts while you enjoy yourself.

4. Doggy position

It is something similar to the previous one but you must put yourself in 4 🙂 This is one of the positions for chubby men where both can enjoy sex much more, although sometimes this position excites them excessively and can make them arrive earlier than expected, they can rest for a while and then resume action.

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The Reality of Excess Fat and Sex

Basically, when there is too much fat, it is difficult to talk about sex, and not only because these two things do not work very well either. When men have bigger bellies, their testosterone levels also drop , leading to lower sex drive . And no matter what it might tell you about being attracted to the whole person rather than just their physical appearance, let’s face it.

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It’s hard to be attracted to your husband when he’s very overweight. It doesn’t mean you can’t have sex by focusing on the pleasure he can give you (as he can) AND by focusing on how much you love him, but that spark can definitely go away.

But How Do You Get Your Husband To Lose Weight?

That’s a tough question, because you can’t control someone else and you can’t change anyone else’s behavior. But I recently met a woman who does everything to make him lose weight, but her husband still orders too much sugar at restaurants and he still buys his own unhealthy dinner and fries, even though I never buy any of that.

I don’t think it’s okay to tell someone that you don’t find them attractive. I think this is a self esteem killer and you can never erase those words.

But I do think it’s okay to say something like, “I want us to have a lot of fun together, and I enjoy sex with you, but your weight is really starting to affect our sex lives.” I don’t want that for us. Can we do some goals together ? And broaching the topic of health (not getting diabetes, not putting pressure on your heart and joints) is a better way to frame it than just telling him that you find it gross.

Honestly, maybe sex can be the incentive. I think many men don’t realize that they are going up and up and up the ladder, but when his wife suddenly says, “We can’t do missionary anymore because I can’t breathe,” that may be the wake-up call they need.

I have a friend who made his wife promise that if he lost 20 kilos they would have sex every day for a month. Eventually he lost the weight and won a bet. So maybe that can be an incentive, if you can do it as a joke, all the better.

However, manipulating is never really a good idea. But if he wants to lose weight anyway, he recognizes the problem and you promise something like that, it will be a different dynamic that will be difficult for him to resist, you can both benefit greatly from this.

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