The love spell that will melt your ex’s heart

The love spell that will melt your ex's heart

There are some exes who stay in our memory, and in our hearts, forever. If the name of someone in particular has also come to mind then you may be interested in performing this spell with which you can make their heart melt and perhaps, who knows, you may have a second chance. Take note of the ingredients you need and mark the next full moon on your calendar because we started.

Melt your ex’s heart with a love spell

Surely you keep some memory of him , the earrings he gave you on your anniversary , that letter he wrote you or the sweatshirt that he left you on that cold day. It doesn’t matter what type of item it is, but it must be present during the spell . Also take a white candle , two sticks of incense and a sprig of lavender.

Light the candle with a match and use its flame to light the two incense sticks (the aroma in this case does not matter to us). Place that object of his on your knees and take the lavender sprig between your hands. Now recite: ‘flame of love, spark of the heart, beat hard and make all the memories come back’. Now, put the twig on the object or wrap it with it if it is some clothing. Blow out the candle and let the incense burn.

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