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Andrew Cunanan aka Phillip was an American killer who killed Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace, Chicago real estate developer Lee Miglin and 3 others during a three-month spell in mid-1997. His streak of murders ended on July 23. 1997, when he was shot.

Andrew Cunanan Life

He socialized in the Hillcrest and La Jolla neighborhoods of San Diego, as well as Scottsdale, Arizona, seemingly living off the generosity of a wealthy patron.

It is believed that Cunanan also had to do with drugs. Designer Gianni Versace first met Cunanan in October 1990 in San Francisco.

Versace was in town to be celebrated for the costumes he had designed for the San Francisco Opera production of Richard Strauss’s Capriccio. Versace’s family has always denied that the two men ever met.

On April 24, Andrew Cunanan and four friends attended a farewell party at Hillcrest’s California Cuisine, a rare occasion when Cunanan didn’t cover the bill.He arrived in the Twin Cities and stayed in Madson’s loft apartment on April 25th.

Andrew Cunanan Education

After graduating from high school in 1987, Cunanan enrolled at the University of California, San Diego, where he majored in American history.

After dropping out of school two years later, he settled in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco.

Andrew Cunanan Career

Andrew Cunanan reportedly became interested in creating violent pornography. For the past few years, Cunanan has been living without work in the greater San Diego area, USA.

She made friends with older men and spent their money. To impress acquaintances within the native gay community, he bragged about social events in clubs and sometimes footed the bill in restaurants.


On July 23, 1997, Andrew Cunanan’s body was found in a luxury houseboat in Miami Beach after a caretaker reported hearing a gunshot to police.

He shot himself in the head, through the mouth,with the semi-automatic pistol Taurus PT92 caliber 40, eight days after the killing of Gianni Versace and with the police on his heels.

Cunanan had stolen the gun from Jeff Trail. It was the same weapon he used to kill David Madson and Gianni Versace.His cremated remains are buried in the Holy Cross Cemetery mausoleum in San Diego.



Modest “Pete” Cunanan, an American Filipino, was the father of the party killer, Andrew Cunanan. Modesto served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War at the time of his son’s birth.

After leaving the Navy, where he had served as a career officer, Modesto worked as a stockbroker.

In 1988, when Andrew Cunanan was 19, his father Modesto left his family and moved to the Philippines to hide from arrest for embezzlement.

Allegedly, due to these allegations, Modesto returned to the Philippines to avoid being taken to court.

He told the LA Times in 1997 that he and a Filipino filmmaker tried to ‘investigate’ the truth about his son’s suicide and killing spree.

Since Modesto has always maintained his son’s innocence, he hoped the film would give him the opportunity to review some of the facts and interviews used by the investigators. While living in the Philippines, Modesto joined a survivalist cult.


Mary Anne Schillaci, an Italian American, was Andrew Cunanan’s mother. She was a devout Catholic, however, Cunanan told friends that her mother was Jewish and her father was a Filipino king.

On American Crime Story: The Murder of Gianni Versace, Andrew Cunanan uses his mother’s legacy to his advantage as he tries to connect with Versace.

Eventually, Cunanan’s mother moved to Illinois, where her son Christopher resided, to receive public assistance such as food stamps and public housing.


The infamous Yankee was the youngest of 4 young men. He had a brother named Christopher Cunanan and 2 sisters, Elena and Regina Cunanan.

In an interview with News in 1997, Christopher Cunanan said: ‘It was my father’s pride and joy. (It was) terribly reasonable.

When he was about 10, he’d read the entire series of encyclopedias … and memorized them.

Andrew Cunanan’s sister testified that their brother received special treatment: ‘He got everything he needed. My father gave him a sports car. It had the master bedroom. It had its own tub and all. ‘

Andrew Cunanan Spouse

Cunanan liked to keep his personal life private, so information about his dating life is not available. It is therefore not known whether he was married or had children. However, this information will be updated as it becomes available.


  • Height: Not available
  • Weight: Not available
  • Shoe size: Not available
  • Body shape : Not available
  • Hair color: Not available


There is no doubt that Cunanan earned a good salary and was able to amass a good net worth. However, his exact net worth has not yet been disclosed but the information will be updated as it becomes available.


Lincoln Aston Aston, for its part, was a San Diego architect with investments in Texas Oil.

Andrew Cunanan met Lincoln simply by circulating in the local rich gay scene. Lincoln Aston was well connected and loved living aloud; he and Cunanan immediately agreed.

Lincoln Aston was beaten to death in 1995 with a stone obelisk by a man named Kevin Bond, two years before Cunanan committed his first murder.

The 36-year-old tramp met Lincoln in a bar. Kevin Bond confessed to second degree murder and was sentenced to 15 years in life in prison.


the most disturbing revelation that emerged after Cunanan’s homicidal madness and subsequent suicide is the quote from the yearbook he chose to accompany his portrait as a senior: ‘Après mois le déluge’.

When Louis XV declared “après mois le déluge” in 1757, it was a menacing reference to the disaster he would leave in his wake after his death.

In a 1987 yearbook of the bishop’s school, the caption on his photo reads ‘most likely he will be remembered’. The handwritten words on the photo are from a classmate in 1987.


Jeffrey Trail

The murders of Andrew Cunanan began in Minneapolis on April 27, 1997, with the murder of his close friend and former lover, 28-year-old Jeffrey Trail. After an argument, Cunanan beat Trail to death with a hammer.

He wrapped the body in a rug and placed it on a sofa in architect David Madson’s loft.

David madson

Madson, 33, who was once also Cunanan’s boyfriend, was her second murder victim.

Madson’s body was found on the eastern shore of Lake Rush near Rush City, Minnesota on May 3, with gunshot wounds to the head and back from a gun, Cunanan had taken from the Trail home.

Lee Miglin

On May 4, Cunanan drove to Chicago and killed 72-year-old Lee Miglin, a major real estate developer. Cunanan tied Miglin’s hands and feet and wrapped his head with duct tape.

He stabbed Miglin more than twenty times with a screwdriver, cut his throat with a hacksaw and stole his car.

Cunanan was placed on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list.

William Reese

Five days later, in Pennsville Township, New Jersey, at Finn’s Point National Cemetery. Cunanan shot and killed 45-year-old caretaker William Reese.

He stole his red pickup truck and went to Florida. He used his name to pawn a stolen item, despite knowing that the police regularly review the pawn shop records.

Gianni Versace

On July 15, Cunanan shot Versace twice. He fell dead on the front steps of his Casa Casuarina.A witness chased Cunanan, however, was unable to catch him.

The responding police found Reese’s stolen vehicle in a nearby parking lot. It contained Cunanan’s clothes, a Zealand passport, and clippings from newspaper articles about the Cunanan murders.


Who is Cunanan?

Andrew Cunanan was one of the American party killers.

How old is Cunanan?

Cunanan died in 1997.

How tall is Cunanan?


Is Cunanan married?

He was neither married nor engaged.

How much is Cunanan worth?


How Much Money Does Cunanan Make?


Where does Cunanan live?


Is Cunanan alive or dead?

He died on July 23, 1997 after shooting himself.

Where is Cunanan now?

Andrew committed suicide.

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