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Andy Stanley (born as Charles Andrew Stanley) is a communicator, author and pastor born on May 16, 1958 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He is the founder of North Point Ministries and the senior pastor of North Point Community Church, Buckhead Church, Browns Bridge Church, Gwinnett Church, Woodstock City Church, and Decatur City Church.

Stanley has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Georgia State University and a master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.

In 1995 Stanley started North Point ministries based in Atlanta, the ministry has grown to six churches in the Atlanta area and a network of more than 70 churches around the world that collectively attend nearly 118,000 people each week. Andy was recognized as one of the 10 Most Influential Living Shepherds in America by Outreach Magazine.

Before founding North Point Community Church in 1995, he served as an associate pastor and student minister at First Baptist Atlanta for many years.

Buckhead Church starred in a 2006 article in USA Today about his innovative use of high-definition video instead of a live speaker.

Stanley is the founder of North Point Ministries, Inc (NPM). and senior pastor of North Point Community Church, a multi-site church based in Alpharetta, Georgia. Prior to founding North Point Community Church, Andy was the associate pastor and student minister at First Baptist Church in Atlanta.


Andy is 62 as of 2020, he was born on May 16, 1958 , in Atlanta, Georgia, USA . He celebrates his birthday on May 16th each year and his birth sign is Taurus.


Stanley is a man of medium height, he also appears to be quite tall in stature in his photos, Andy stands at 1.70m tall and weighs 77kg.


Stanley’s parents are Charles Stanley and Anna j. Stanley . His father Charles Stanley is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and the founder and president of In Touch Ministries.

Her parents divorced in 2000 after several years of separation. The divorce caused a minor controversy in the Southern Baptist Convention as Charles had said he would step down as a pastor if he got divorced.

Her sister is called Becky Stanley Brodersen.


In 1998, Stanley married Sandra Stanley who also graduated from Georgia Tech in the same year. Together they founded the North Point ministries. Sandra has a passion for promoting foster care in the local church and spends most of her seminary days through Dallas Theological Seminary, working on various writing projects and continuing her involvement with Fostering Together, the fostering initiative at North Point Ministries.


Sandra is 54 years old in 2020, she was born on May 31, 1966 in the United States of America. He celebrates his birthday on May 31 every year and his birth sign is Gemini.


Andy, along with his wife Sandra, have three children Andrew Stanley, Garrett Stanley and Allie Stanley.


Here are some interesting facts and body measurements you should know about NPM founder Andy Stanley.

Andy Stanley Bio e Wiki

  • Pieno Nomi : Charles Andrew Stanley
  • Gender: Male
  • Profession : Shepherd
  • Nationality : American
  • Race / ethnicity : American
  • Religion : Christian
  • Sexual orientation: Straight

Andy Stanley Age and birthday

  • Age : 62 years old (2020)
  • Zodiac sign : Taurus
  • Date of birth : May 16, 1958
  • Place of birth : Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Birthday : May 16th

Andy Stanley Body Measurements

  • Body measurements : Not available
  • Height : 1.70 m
  • Weight : 77 kg
  • Eye color : Not available
  • Hair Color : Dark Brown
  • Shoe size : Not available

Andy Stanley Family and Relationship

  • Father Dad) : Charles Stanley
  • Madre : Anna j. Stanley
  • Siblings (Sister) : Becky Stanley Brodersen
  • Marital status : Married
  • Bride : Sandra Stanley
  • Bambini : Andrew Stanley, Garrett Stanley e Allie Stanley

Andy Stanley Equity and Salary

  • Net worth : $ 40 million (2020)
  • Salary : $ 200,000
  • Source of income : Ministry, Book sales

Andy Stanley House and Cars

  • Domicile : USA
  • Cars : Car brand to be updated


Andy Stanley is estimated to have a net worth of around $ 40 million in 2020 . This includes his assets, money and income. His main source of income is his career as a Televangelist and Author. Through his various sources of income, Stanley has been able to amass a good fortune but prefers to lead a modest lifestyle.


In 2012 his show ‘Your Move with Andy Stanley’ premiered on NBC after Saturday Night Live and on CBS after The Late, Late Show with James Corden in 2017, giving him an even wider audience to share his insights with. practical and culturally relevant to life and leadership.


  • 2018: Guardrails Study Guide, Updated Edition: Avoiding Regrets in Your Life
  • 2017: How to Get What You Really Want (Pack of 10)
  • 2017: dealing with the mess
  • 2017: Killin ‘It
  • 2015: The new rules for love, sex and dating
  • 2015: what makes you happy
  • 2015: Why in the World Participant’s Guide: The Reason God Became One of Us
  • 2015: Future Family (gruppi)
  • 2015: Starting point: a conversation on faith
  • 2014: ask! The question that will revolutionize the way you make decisions
  • 2014: Follow the participant’s lead: no experience needed
  • 2013: How to be rich: it’s not what you have. It is what you do with what you have.
  • 2013: Community Conversation Guide: Get started right in your small group
  • 2013: Christian Study Guide: Not What You Think
  • 2012: Christian: It’s not what you think
  • 2012: Deep and Broad: Creating Churches Non-religious people love to attend
  • 2011: Enemies of the Heart: Freeing yourself from the four emotions that control you
  • 2011: When work and family collide: prevent your job from betraying your family
  • 2011: Guardrails Participant’s Guide: Avoiding Regrets in Your Life
  • 2010: God’s grace
  • 2010: staying in love: falling in love is easy, staying in love requires a plan
  • 2010: Your Move: 4 questions to ask when you don’t know what to do
  • 2009: Faith, Hope, and Fortune – Find Out What You Can Expect From God
  • 2009: Five things God uses to increase your faith
  • 2008: The principle of the path: how to get from where you are to where you want to be
  • 2008: Distorting the Truth: Learning to Discern in a Culture of Deception
  • 2008: Starting point: Find your place in history
  • 2007: Making Vision Stick
  • 2006: Communicating for a change: seven keys to irresistible communication
  • 2006: it came from within! The shocking truth of what lies in the heart
  • 2006: Marriage Study Guide: Transforming Your Expectations
  • 2005: Go Fish Study Guide: Because of what’s at stake
  • 2005: Guide to the study of the rules of life: instructions for the game of life
  • 2005: It came from within: the terrifying truth of what lies within the heart
  • 2004: Louder Than Words: The Power of Uncompromised Living
  • 2004: Seven practices for effective ministry
  • 2004: Fields of Gold
  • 2004: Community Creation: Five Keys to Building a Culture in Small Groups
  • 2004: the best question ever
  • 2004: Discovering God’s Will: How to Know When You Are Going in the Right Direction
  • 2004: Study Guide Required by Parent Orientation: How to Improve, Promote, and Influence Your Child’s Relationships
  • 2004: Max Q Student Journal
  • 2004: Max Q for young leaders
  • 2003: How Good Enough Is?
  • 2002: Choosing to cheat: Who wins when family and work collide?
  • 2002: Can we do it? Innovative practices that will change the way you do the Church
  • 2002: Leader of the new generation
  • 2001: The seven checkpoints for youth leaders
  • 2001: The Seven Checkpoints Student Journal
  • 1999: Visioneering: God’s plan for the development and maintenance of personal vision
  • 1997: Like a Rock: becoming a person of character


‘Saved by the Church’

In March 2016, Andy was targeted for his remarks during a February 28 message titled ‘Saved from the Church’ in which he made a ‘stinking selfish’ parent comment. Stanley was addressing a hypothetical parent who refused to attend a larger church for the sake of student ministry options for their children.

‘When I hear adults say,’ Well, I don’t like a big church, I like about 200 people, I want to be able to know everyone, ‘I say,’ You are so stinking selfish. You don’t care about the next generation. You only care about yourself and your five friends. You don’t care about your children [or] someone else’s children ‘… If you don’t go to a church big enough where you can have enough middle and high school students to separate them so they can have small groups and grow local church, you are a selfish adult. Get over it. Find a great old church where your children can connect with a group of people and grow and love the local church. Instead … you drag your kids into a church they hate, and then they grow up and hate the local church. They go to college and you pray that there is a church in the campus that they connect with. Guess what? All those churches are big. ‘

‘Aftermath: Not Difficult’

In September 2018 Stanley was criticized for his sermon in which he said that Christians were not required to obey any of the Old Testament commandments.

‘(First century) Church leaders unhooked the church from the worldview, value system and regulations of the Hebrew scriptures, Peter, James, Paul chose to unhook the Christian faith from their Hebrew scriptures, and mine as well friends we must ‘.

After being criticized for his statement, he later said he was misunderstood by saying: ‘I have never suggested that we’ disengage ‘from a passage of Scripture or a specific biblical imperative.’

During an interview with Relevant Magazine, he said that instead of criticizing him, leaders should take the opportunity to learn and listen to his message in its entirety.

“The people in our churches understood the point I was making. Anyone who has heard all three parts of the series probably understood the point I was making. Anyone who has heard my Christmas or Easter message understood the point I was making, so I guess the point I am making is that anyone who really wanted to know what I meant by what I said could understand it quite easily. But it may require listening to more than one message!

I approach a series of messages as a single sermon, I don’t try to cover everything in 35 minutes. I’m not so good. So if you want to criticize my approach to preaching, fine. I’d like to talk about it. But don’t criticize a statement in a sermon if you’re not willing to take the time to appreciate the context. ‘



Stanley (born as Charles Andrew Stanley) is a communicator, author and pastor. He is the founder of the North Point Ministries and Senior Pastor of Georgia’s Largest Church, North Point Community Church, Buckhead Church, Browns Bridge Church, Gwinnett Church, Woodstock City Church, and Decatur City church.


Andy was born on May 16, 1958 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. He is 62 years old in 2020, celebrates his birthday on May 16 each year, his birth sign is Taurus.


In 1998 he married Sandra Stanley who also graduated from Georgia Tech the same year. Together they founded the North Point ministries. Sandra has a passion for promoting foster care in the local church and spends most of her seminary days through Dallas Theological Seminary, working on various writing projects and continuing her involvement with Fostering Together, the fostering initiative at North Point Ministries.


North Point Community Church is a non-denominational evangelical Christian megachurch located in Alpharetta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. It is the largest church in Georgia.


Andy effectively teaches the practical and enduring value of simply asking this question about our actions in all arenas of life: what is the wise thing for me to do, in light of my past experience, my present circumstances, and my hopes and dreams. future?


According to various sources, although it is not confirmed, it is said that he earns more than $ 200,000 per year.


Thanks to the proceeds of his activity as a pastor and author, he was able to accumulate a modest fortune. Andy Stanley is estimated to have a net worth of around $ 40 million in 2020.

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