Who is Brett Married at First Sight Season 13? Instagram, bio and all we know

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Married at First Sight airs two seasons every year, which are filmed back-to-back.
Here’s everything we know about Season 13’s filming.

Who is Brett from Season 13 of Married at First Sight?

Brett, a native of New Jersey, considers herself a Texan at heart and is looking for love.
Ryan, 35, grew raised in Texas, surrounded by his family.
Why did he tie the knot in the first place?
He aspires to be a young parent who is involved in his children’s lives.

Who from the group is still together?

Have you ever been married at first sight?

Jamie kisses her husband Doug on the cheek in 2019 from Married at First Sight Season 1.

While the “Married at First Sight” concept may seem hazardous, what with marrying a complete stranger and all, it has worked out for some couples.
According to TV Insider, a total of 12 couples from the program are still married, including Jamie and Doug, who married in Season 1 and now have two children.
Anthony and Ashley, who starred in Season 5, are still married and have a kid. Season 6’s Jephte and Shawniece, who welcomed a daughter in 2018, were another pair that made it.
Danielle and Bobby have been together since Season 7 and became a family of three in 2019 when they welcomed their daughter.
Stephanie and AJ are still married in Season 8, despite AJ’s anger.
Kristine and Keith, who had to work through some difficulties during that season, are still still together.
Couples Deonna and Gregory, as well as Elizabeth and Jamie, are still married in Season 9, despite their individual problems. Later seasons appear to be more successful.
Only Jessica and Austin from Season 10 are still married, as are Bennett and Amelia, Amani and Woody, and Miles and Karen from Season 11.
Ryan and Clara, Briana and Vincent, and Virginia and Erik are still together in the most recent season.
While being married at first sight is a risk, it looks that it was well worth it for some!

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