Who is Nakia Renee from FBOY Island: everythings we know

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‘FBOY Island’ is a series of ten episodes which will see 24 guys battle for three ladies.

Who is Nakia Renee?

Nakia Renee is a 28-year-old woman from Los Angeles, California.
She works like Hair and Makeup Stylist, as well as Songwriter/Singer

What does she likes to do in his spare time?

Hiking, traveling, going to the beach, dancing, dining, and spending time with her friends and family are all activities that Nakia enjoys. Nakia usually only dates one person at a time and has made the mistake of falling for FBoys in the past, but she is still a hopeless romantic looking for real love and a life mate. She joined the program to step outside of her comfort zone and attempt a new dating style that focuses on women empowerment. It was also her first trip outside of the United States.

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FBoys’s Format

FBoy Island will take place in a tropical environment with three single females and 24 men: 12 “good gentlemen” looking for love and 12 “FBoys” looking for money.
The women will have to determine if the males truly care about them — or about themselves.
And it’s certain to get fascinating.

The Location

As the title implies, FBoy Island will take place on an island in the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean Sea.
If there is one thing that spectators can anticipate, it is sun-kissed beaches, palm palms, and tropical cocktails.
Additionally, a secluded island is certain to create additional tension, and we’re intrigued to see how the lovely environment will affect the loveseekers’ relationships.

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