10 things you didn’t know about infidelity


One of the greatest dangers that loom over relationships is infidelity, but things are never clear in the affairs of the unfaithful. Reasons, opportunities or forgiveness are eternal debates and each couple must find the solution, so we want to clarify a few things about infidelity . Clear infidelity.

10 clarifications about infidelity

That if men are more unfaithful than women, that if the cause is the lack of love, that if an infidelity can be forgiven. Is there anyone on earth who knows how to manage an infidelity without losing his nerves or love or dignity? We make things clear about infidelity.

1 Genders. Legend has it that men are more unfaithful than women, but it is precisely that, an urban legend, a myth without any foundation. Because in the art of cheating on your partner there is no gender distinction.

2 Premeditation. Cheating on your partner is not always the product of a heat. Most of the infidelities are committed with premeditation and treachery through the most discreet dating websites .

3 Can. When a member of the couple holds a position of power or a managerial position, they are more prone to ‘suffer’ the call of infidelity and cheat on their partner . Anthropologists are still investigating the motives.

4 Profession. Anyone can be unfaithful regardless of their occupation, but there are professions that cheat more often. Lawyers, pilots, university professors and medical personnel are the most suspected of cheating on their partner.

5 Culpability. It depends on each person and there are also moments, but most of the infidels do not experience a feeling of guilt , at least, the recurring infidels . You always know what excuse to make to justify certain behavior.

6 Third year. Experts assure that there is a greater risk of infidelity in the third year of being in a relationship. It seems that the moment when you discover that your partner is not as perfect as you thought is a compelling reason to seek an adventure and see how much you love your partner.

7 Pregnancy. Pregnant women are at higher risk of being cheated on by their partner. Although pregnancy is both a sexy and sexual time for many couples, many men are intimidated by their partner’s status and want to reminisce about old times.

8 Love. The unfaithful swear and perjure that their extramarital activity has nothing to do with love . Who love their partner as much or more than ever, but who need an adventure to improve self-esteem, feel more secure, or compensate for their fear of commitment.

9 Forgiveness. When an infidel recognizes an infidelity, he does so seeking the forgiveness of his partner or directly the breakup. The objective is to leave the assessment of the consequences of his slip up to his partner , which is totally unfair.

10 Consequences. Not all infidelities end in a breakup , although the crisis is practically inevitable. There are people capable of forgiving an infidelity and remaining confined to their partner, at least that is what they say from the outside.

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