5 tips for doing sports in summer

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Don’t miss out on these simple guidelines and enjoy the summer months doing what you like best in a safe and healthy way. Do not miss it!

If we are used to exercising regularly , we can trust ourselves and not give enough importance to the heat. On the contrary, if we do not practice sports regularly, good weather and having more free time can push us to the healthy habit of exercising.

After all, sport and summer always go hand in hand. However, it is very important to take certain precautions so that we do not get scared. Here are five tips for doing sports in the summer safely.

Tips for doing sports in summer

Early in the morning or late in the afternoon
According to the Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine, the worst hours to do sports are between 12 and 17 hours. These are the hours when the heat is most pressing, so we must avoid them at all costs.

Eat properly
Two hours before doing any physical activity, eat a light and balanced meal. Don’t forget the fruit and carbohydrates. In addition, the vegetables will provide you with a good amount of water, essential for adequate hydration.

Drink water before, during and after exercise
To avoid injuries and heat stroke, good hydration is essential before, during and after exercise. If our muscles do not have enough water, they are more prone to injury.

We can also choose sports drinks, which provide carbohydrates and minerals that help maintain an adequate concentration of glucose in the blood, replenish electrolytes and keep us hydrated. Of course, no excessively cold liquids.

Protect yourself from the sun
Although the sun’s rays are weaker early and late in the day, we must protect ourselves from the sun with a suitable cream . Look for high, sweat-resistant factors. And on the head … better a cap!

Take advantage of summer sports
Why bother to run in the scorching sun when we can enjoy water sports? What better way than summer to encourage us to practice other sports that we cannot do regularly, such as swimming in the open sea, surfing or canoeing ?

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