Atychiphobia: are you afraid of failure?


Facing fear is not easy when it has already become a phobia and in the case of atychiphobia it can become paralyzing. If you are wondering what is that about atychiphobia or fear of failure, we will tell you in our dictionary of phobias . It is clear that we all have a certain fear of failure, but when that fear turns into an irrational and excessive fear that blocks you, it is when it becomes a problem that must be dealt with.

What is atychiphobia

Atyphophobia is the fear of failure. The fear of failing is something very common and increasingly common in a world that requires us to always be 100%, that demands that we give the best of ourselves at all times and that pushes us to improve and improve ourselves every day. The pressure component that accompanies this attitude is what causes the phobic disorder to develop .

We are not only talking about the workplace with atychiphobia. There is also the fear of failure as a person . All the dreams to be fulfilled that at first drive you but later become burdens, all that need to be happy always and at all times, all that history of failures that are not natural stop being frustrating. And so appears atychiphobia.

Symptoms of atychiphobia

To be considered a phobia, the fear of failure must be accompanied by a strong load of anxiety and a series of physical symptoms. Among them, dizziness, the sensation of suffocation, palpitations or tachycardia stand out … Being able to reach a panic attack in the moments of most tension. But when do these symptoms appear?

When you start a new job, when you have to start from scratch, when you have to change your life, when you run into a complicated obstacle, when you start a new project, when a new dream occurs to you, when something different is proposed to you … When, in short, you have to put yourself and your abilities to the test . Again, pressure is the fundamental component of atychiphobia.

But there are more symptoms besides the physical ones that indicate an atychiphobia disorder . If you feel that what you are doing you can do better, if you have an excessive degree of perfectionism , if your self-demand exceeds healthy limits or if you notice that the weight of responsibilities is too great, you may be suffering from this phobia. And you get to the worst side of atychiphobia, which is blockage.

Causes of atychiphobia

The fact of living in a kind of career towards professional and personal success is one of the causes of atychiphobia. Society demands more and more of us and we demand more and more of ourselves. It is impossible not to fail, it is impossible to have a life free of failure at some point and we do not end up accepting that our expectations are not always met . Nor do we know how to learn from failures , which teach much more than success or a bed of roses.

As with all phobias, conditioning by a traumatic experience is not ruled out for the development of atychiphobia. Maybe an epic failure can make you scared on the next try. But most of the time it is a matter of self-imposed, unrealistic expectations and, over time, low self-esteem that prevents you from reacting.

Treatment of atychiphobia

To overcome a phobia it is necessary to put yourself in the hands of a professional psychologist . Stay away from charlatans and new coaches because they are precisely the ones who make you believe that you can do everything, that you can do more and that all your dreams will come true. And no, that is not the reality.

If cognitive behavioral therapy is presented as the best treatment for phobias, you can also do some things on your own, such as lowering your life expectations to accommodate reality, reducing your level of demand and improving your self-esteem. You can also meditate to avoid blockages and practice relaxation techniques to lighten the burden of anxiety that all phobias carry.

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