Compatibility: how will a Leo and an Aquarius fare in love?

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Leos are guided by intuitions and outbursts, although they are also very responsible. Aquarians prefer to enjoy every second, despite the fact that it means doing the odd job. They are two people with very different ways of being , but are they compatible in love? To find out, we asked the horoscope about what each zodiac sign is like and with whom he would feel the most connection. Therefore, we are talking about the love compatibility between a Leo and an Aquarius according to the horoscope.

Are Leo and Aquarius Compatible?

Let’s make it clear from the beginning that Leos and Aquarians are not very compatible , but that does not have to make their love impossible. Both will soon like each other when they meet since they are two signs that can feel a great physical attraction between them. They may even fall in love because they are usually open to finding the people in their lives. However, as time goes by, they will realize that there are things between them that are not going quite well.

Leos and Aquarians do not have the same understanding of life, especially when it comes to work. Leos go to great lengths to make their work enviable while Aquarians prefer to limit themselves to fulfilling their tasks , unless they are passionate about their profession. They also prefer to enjoy their free time in different ways and face the future with different eyes.

If they put in a little effort and above all, if they are willing to communicate with each other and give in when necessary, a Leo and an Aquarius can form a beautiful couple. After all, a Leo will fight for what they like to the end and Aquarians are infatuated and romantic , so if their love is sincere they might even become compatible.

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