Dreaming of being shot: do you feel unprotected?

dreaming of being shot

Different meanings of your dream shooting experience

It can be a dream as horrible as a nightmare, but from its interpretation you can learn many useful things. It is the case of dreaming that you are shot , a dream full of fear that will clarify what vital moment you are in, because you may feel unprotected . Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of being shot.

Why do you get shot in your dreams

In dreams they shoot you because you feel unprotected, insecure, vulnerable. It does not matter if the scene in the dream is a fight or someone just shoots you, because in any case it speaks of your feeling of weakness in front of others and in front of life. What are you really afraid of?

1You are not really afraid that a murderer will come to shoot you, that only happens in the dream. However, you must investigate in your life what makes you feel so vulnerable to find the true meaning of the dream. Who or what can harm you? The dream indicates that you feel in danger and that your life is reeling.

2One of the most terrible dreams related to shooting is the one where you shoot yourself. Suicide in dreams is not premonitory but indicates a serious anxiety disorder that you should treat as soon as possible. Take care of stress and excess responsibilities because they are exhausting and weakening you.

3It may happen that you are shot and you see your own death . In this case, the dream takes a more positive interpretation that you should use in your favor. Because if you are dead , when you wake up it is time to be reborn, to start a new life that this time you can build as you want.

The symbolism of shooting in dreams

Without a doubt dreams with gunshots contain a certain violence, which indicates the presence of a conflict that does not necessarily have to be an external danger. Many times we go to war with ourselves and it is reason enough for that feeling of restlessness and unease to appear. And with that feeling, different nightmares are generated with shots that can increase the level of fear or violence.

Because it is not the same to hear gunshots in the distance than to feel that you are being shot. It is not the same that they point a gun at you but finally do not shoot you than to notice how the bullet enters your body and you bleed because the ambulance does not arrive on time. It is not the same to participate in a shooting as to die in it. But in all cases the feeling of danger is present .

Dreams are interpreted symbolically, dream images are metaphors that should not be taken at face value. That is why you can calm down, because dreaming that you are shot is not a premonitory dream as such. It warns you of a danger, yes, but of a danger that you have already sensed for a long time and that certainly does not happen because you are shot. You already know that dreams refer to your emotions, your worries and your fears, you already know that dreams generally indicate your inner world.

The different meanings of dreaming about shots

We have already pointed out that dreaming of being shot indicates a moment in life when you feel insecure and vulnerable. But you can have other types of dreams in which the shots are present. And you have to take everything into account when interpreting, the noise of the gunshots, the silence that precedes them, perhaps the darkness of an empty street … Have you kept all the details of the dream ?

+ Dreaming that you hear gunshots

You are listening to the shots from the safety of your home , they sound in the street but far away. It is the same feeling of when a storm is approaching, that you know that in a short time it will arrive and it will perch on top of you but for the moment you feel safe. It is a common situation when the anxiety in your life is about to overflow .

+ Dream of a shooting

When you attend a shooting in dreams but the bullets are not directed at you or you feel in danger, it is because you are witnessing a conflict in your closest circle but in which you have not taken part at the moment. Perhaps it is a relationship crisis, a bad environment at work or family misunderstandings.

+ Dream that you shoot

What if you are the one who shoots? Do not think that because you are not the target of the bullets, the insecurity and danger component has been eliminated. And if you are shooting it is because you want to get rid of a problem that was affecting you. It may not be the solution, you may not find the solution the first time, but at least you are making decisions.

+ Dreaming about someone pointing a gun at you

When you have this dream in which someone points a gun at you , you are scared and you become paralyzed. You can’t move because that person will shoot you, so now your life depends on the decision that person makes. If you eliminate the dream weapon, what does this situation sound like to you? Surely you can recognize yourself trapped in a very toxic dependency relationship .

+ Dreaming that they try to shoot you

You have a person in front of you pointing a gun at you. He’s going to shoot you, your death is near and the truth is that you can’t do anything else. You can not run away , you cannot run, you cannot escape because he will shoot you anyway and you are too close. But what luck, because when you pull the trigger, the bullet doesn’t go off. No bullets left? We do not know why, but this time life has given you an extra opportunity so that you can take advantage of it.

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