Emotional infidelity: everything behind the worst disloyalty

emotional infidelity

Causes and consequences of affective deception

When we talk about infidelity in a relationship, we usually think that one of the members has had relationships or has intimidated an external person. However, in these times when social networks and technology have advanced so much, another type of infidelity is more likely to be suffered: emotional infidelity.

There are many dangers that emotional infidelity has, as there are times when it is even worse than physical infidelity. But if you still do not know everything that has to do with this type of deception, do not worry! We tell you what emotional infidelity is and everything that hides behind the worst disloyalty so that you can draw your own conclusions. Atent @ this interests you!

What is emotional infidelity?

Emotional infidelity usually occurs when, in a couple, one of the members maintains a very intense bond in which feelings are involved with another person. That is, it is a type of infidelity in which sexual relations do not come into play , but people’s emotions do.

When a person shares stories, laughter, secrets, emotional moments, trust or even affection with someone who is not their boyfriend or girlfriend, they could be an emotional cheater. The key is lying , because it is very good to be able to talk to other people, or to meet for a drink without your partner being there. But, if nothing happens, then you shouldn’t hide.

Ultimately, it is about getting excited about a person who has nothing to do with your relationship . And that is the main danger. If you have feelings for a person even though you have not slept with them, if your face lights up every time you receive a message from them, or if you want to stay with that person more than with your boy / girl, you are cheating on your partner.

The reasons why an emotional infidelity occurs

Finding a specific cause of emotional infidelity is quite difficult as it can occur for various reasons. However, there are some that are quite common in each and every couple. The main one? An emotional distancing that is characterized by:

+Lack of communication

When there is no communication in a couple , there is no confidence to tell each other things, and problems are not resolved by speaking calmly, it is a serious problem that can lead to infidelity. In healthy couples, no one is afraid to speak his mind at all times, and he does not need third parties to listen to him.

+Lack of affection

In a couple, the affection or affection of the beginning may be lacking, and they may fall into the routine without realizing it. If there is no such closeness with your boyfriend or girlfriend, it is possible that the unfaithful person wants to escape with a motivation that has nothing to do with the person he is dating.

+No intimacy

As a result of the lack of affection and affection comes the lack of intimacy. If your partner’s sexual encounters have drastically decreased for a while, it may be an indication of infidelity. But we have to tell you that this is not usually a reason for infidelity . A couple can have satisfactory encounters while emotional infidelity occurs, a priori it has nothing to do with it.


Do you do the same with your partner every day? You go to the same places, your time is already practically measured, and you do not give rise to improvisation. You may be suffering a great crisis without realizing it, and the unfaithful is diverting his attention to a person to avoid the monotony instead of focusing on his partner.

+Social media

Social media is a double-edged sword. If your partner suffers everything that we have indicated before and you have social networks at hand, you may be being unfaithful with just one conversation. Or else why do you delete it every time you meet your boyfriend? Infidelity on WhatsApp also exists, and it is also dangerous.

The consequences of emotional infidelity

The two people who form a couple suffer the consequences of an emotional infidelity, although one usually suffers the most: the deceived person. Normally you will suffer irreparable damage that will cost you to assume , your self-esteem will be affected when compared to the third person, you will feel anger, rage and a lot of restlessness.

Meanwhile, the person who has cheated may have feelings of guilt or fear of the other’s reaction. It is common for many to hide in that the couple was already broken, or that they have not done anything because there has not been a sexual relationship. But do not be fooled: they have been unfaithful, whatever they say.

This type of infidelity could occur in the middle of a relationship crisis, or be the cause of it. Everything will vary depending on the relationships and why they have reached that situation. In any case, the main consequence is to open a stage for change .

Change partners, change routines or change your way of life. But a change at the end of the day. It is time to sit down, stop to think and talk things out, face to face. Do you want to continue your relationship ? Is it better to turn the page and let time heal the wounds? Only you have the answer.

How to avoid an emotional infidelity

Now that we have explained the causes and consequences of an emotional infidelity, it is important to know how you can avoid it so that it never happens to you. Because, as we have indicated, emotional infidelity can do a lot of damage to the deceived person.

The main thing is that the couple improve their communication . You have to seek a common understanding, that more than a partner is a partner or life partner, a friend, a confidant. Someone to whom you can entrust your biggest concerns and your biggest secrets.

In this way neither of the two members will want to escape from that relationship that may have an expiration date, but it does not have to end so badly, right? Third parties are totally ruled out in a couple in which there is understanding, affection and trust .

When to go to therapy?

There are couples who, after an emotional infidelity , feel totally lost. They do not know very well what to do, whether to stay with that person, or to escape once and for all from that relationship. And that’s when a sea of ​​doubts invades his head.

But a good alternative or solution is to go to a couples therapy that can help solve all the questions that, right now, do not let you live. The main recommendation is that couples go when they decide to try again after an infidelity . Normally these couples will only talk about reproaches, data or specific situations and it will be difficult for them to regain trust.

This is where the role of a psychologist or couple coach comes in. This person can make it easier for couples to talk about emotions, feelings and to open up the channel to discover everything they have inside. And that is when they will begin to work on that trust and communication that has been broken because of the infidelity.

What should you know about emotional infidelity?

In addition to the causes, consequences and how to avoid emotional infidelity, there is other information that will be of great help when facing a disloyalty of this type . How to detect an emotional infidelity? How to overcome it without suffering too much? How do you know if you are committing an infidelity? We give you the keys so that you know everything about this type of deception:

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