Horoscope and compatibility of signs: the Gemini woman in sex

the gemini woman in sex

Sex is part of our life as a couple. Sometimes it is a true form of union for the couple, while other times it is a source of conflict. Whether a couple comes to understand each other in bed depends on many factors and one of them is the stars. And it is that the affinity between zodiac signs has a lot to say in sexual relations. Discover how is the Gemini woman in sex thanks to the horoscope and compatibility of signs.

The Gemini woman in sex

It is one of the hottest signs of the zodiac. For this reason, the Gemini woman is a passionate and passionate woman who is very aware of the need for carnal pleasures . She is one of the best lovers for her determination to please her partner, but she is also very demanding with her sexual partner.

For the Gemini woman, sex is a complete experience that includes setting, predisposition and a certain emotional involvement. And due to its volatile and changeable character, it adapts perfectly to almost any type of lover. More important than her zodiac sign , the Gemini woman’s partner must be generous when it comes to giving pleasure.

Who is the Gemini woman compatible with?

There is a great sexual compatibility between the Gemini woman and men of the signs of Leo , Scorpio , Libra , Aries and Aquarius , which does not necessarily imply that they can come to understand each other as a stable couple. On the contrary, she does not have much compatibility with men of the Virgo and Pisces signs .

As Leo men are considered the best lovers of the zodiac, they can be the perfect complement to the sexual Gemini and the same happens with the Scorpio man , of a well-known fieryness. The explosive Aries man is also compatible with the Gemini woman, as well as the intense Libra man . With an Aquarius man , although he is not understood as a couple, he forms an explosive combination under the sheets .

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