How to forgive an infidelity

how to forgive an infidelity

Infidelity is one of those problems that can end a relationship . The reasons for infidelity are as varied as they are incomprehensible, but the fact is that it is there, meddling between two people who supposedly love each other. When your partner has been unfaithful, you have two possibilities, one is to leave him and the other is to forgive him. We are wondering how infidelity is forgiven .

Can infidelity be forgiven?

Many generous-souled people affirm that they are perfectly capable of forgiving an infidelity on the part of their partner. We are not so clear about it and we are full of doubts as to what it really means to forgive an infidelity. Do you forgive? Do you forget? Do you forgive but do not forget?

Because you can consider forgiving your partner , you can wish with all your might to forgive that infidelity, but you would still be cheating on yourself, because what you really wish is that that infidelity never happened . Once done, there is no going back. Each action has its consequence and no matter how much forgiveness or attempts at forgiveness there are, the consequence is that the couple becomes destabilized.

Logically the consequences on the couple depend on the infidelity in question. It is not the same for your partner to go on a trip and have a slip than to sleep with another person regularly. It is not the same, although it hurts the same. Let’s say that a minor infidelity can be forgiven by letting your partner’s time and attitude show you that it was a minor mistake.

But a premeditated infidelity , the kind that lasts over time because your partner is confused and does not know what their feelings are … that is not easy to forgive . And in this case the question would not be, can infidelity be forgiven? Not even how to forgive infidelity? But the most correct question would be to ask, should infidelity be forgiven?

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