Irrational fear of glass is known as hyalophobia


Have you noticed that we live surrounded by crystals? Perhaps you have not noticed this detail, but people who suffer from hyalophobia have it very much in mind. Hyalophobia or the fear of crystals is a very limiting disorder because there is no way to avoid the stimulus that the fear produces. In our dictionary of phobias we talk about the consequences of suffering this fear of crystals.

What is hyalophobia

Hyalophobia is the fear of crystal or glass. A mirror, a window, glasses, some doors, cars … there are crystals or glass everywhere, although we have not noticed it. People with hyalophobia know this well because it is very difficult for them to avoid it in their day-to-day lives.

This avoidance behavior , which in reality is almost impossible, is what turns the fear of glass into a phobia that must be dealt with as soon as possible. Hyalophobia is very limiting and the consequences on the life of the person who suffers from it are catastrophic. There is no way to escape from the glass.

Do I have a phobia?

If the problem with hyalophobia was the inability to touch the glass, perhaps it would have fewer consequences. But it is that people with hyalophobia experience a lot of insecurity when they are near a glass, a mirror, a window. And that insecurity turns into fear and all the anxiety symptoms that we know so well.

Dizziness, palpitations, shortness of breath or panic attack if the stimulus cannot be avoided are the most frequent reactions. But more dangerous than the physical symptoms of hyalophobia are the psychological consequences that begin with a loss of self-esteem by being aware that their fear is unfounded and excessive and can end with the total isolation of that person .

What is the fear of glass?

But what can cause this specific phobia? The most common is to find the cause in a traumatic experience . Having had an accident in which the crystals lacerated the body, for example, or seeing a death from a car accident with all those crystals around are compelling reasons to develop this phobia.

Sometimes phobias appear for no specific reason. Suffering from an anxiety disorder can generate the most diverse phobias, such as this one of crystals or any object, situation, sensation or animal. Anxiety triggers fear and when the mechanism is out of control, you never know what the stimulus will be that causes the problem.

Treatment of hialophobia

We insist that a phobia cannot be overcome by our own means and less when it comes to one as limiting as hyalophobia. Psychological help is necessary and in most cases cognitive behavioral therapy is used to treat the phobic disorder.

Along with cognitive behavioral therapy, techniques of gradual exposure to the stimulus produced by fear or systematic desensitization are usually used , in which situations are provoked so that the person suffering from the phobia imagines facing their fear.

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