Is confidence fully restored after an infidelity?

is confidence fully restored after an infidelity

What to do if they confess disloyalty to you

Infidelity is one of the most frequent problems that puts the stability of the couple’s relationship at risk . But we talk about stability of the couple, emotional stability, self-esteem and also trust. We know that infidelity can be forgiven, but we wonder if trust can be fully restored .

What Happens to Confidence After Infidelity

They are not suspicions, your boyfriend has cheated on you and has even confessed it to you. What are you going to do now? The option of forgiveness is always there for you if you still love your boyfriend madly and if he manages to give you consistent reasons for having been unfaithful. And, above all, if you manage to believe that it will not be repeated.

But the box of thunder has been opened and it is possible that no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to regain trust in your boyfriend. And it is not what worries us the most, because it will surely cost you much more to regain confidence in yourself . We cannot forget the consequences of an infidelity on self-esteem.

It is evident that something has been broken, that the relationship is shaking and that you are experiencing a real crisis as a couple . It is always easier to forgive than to forget and you fear becoming that jealous girlfriend who is suspicious of her boyfriend’s every move. There is no one way of acting that works for all people, forgiveness is something very personal.

What you have to consider is whether you are going to be capable. If your heart tells you to forgive the infidelity , follow your heart, but do not insist on your decision if you see that the knot in your stomach does not unravel after a few weeks, if you live looking for a sign of another infidelity or if you do not stop reproach him for the mistake he made, because that means that you are not going to regain confidence in your boyfriend.

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