Learn to detect lies in your partner

detect lies

We have always heard that lying is a form of distrust, while with sincerity we achieve the opposite. However, what happens when we know that an unimportant truth can hurt our partner? Wouldn’t it be better to avoid his displeasure in this case?

Ways to spot a liar

In case you doubt whether your guy is being honest with you or not, there are some simple ways to check with your own eyes if what he is telling you is a lie. If he looks at the ground instead of your eyes, covers his mouth, or rubs his hands , and you see him uncomfortable and nervous, everything indicates that he is not telling you the truth. A clear example of a liar is one who touches his face while speaking to you, and people who change position are trying to be convincing to hide their lie.

What to do when faced with a lie?

It depends on how serious it is, but if you are worried about lies, no matter how small, you should talk about it with your partner and tell him that honesty is very important to you in a relationship, and that he has no reason to hide the truth from you because he does not you will be angry with him.

It is precisely this behavior that we must have so that our partner has enough trust with us not to hide anything from us . If you tell us why you prefer to play football on a Wednesday afternoon with your friends instead of going to the movies with us, and we accept your answer without bothering us and we understand you, you will have no reason to hide anything from us because you will know that we are understanding.

The most frequent lies

When a person goes to therapy because of his partner’s lies , he usually comments that his partner has told him that he was in a meeting or in the office when in fact he had gone out with his friends to the bar, or he used the typical phrase “my heart hurts. head “ . These are the most frequently used lies in the couple.

Yes, it is possible to differentiate the “little lies” from a serious lie, such as infidelity . If our partner lies to us out of shyness or insecurity, but not out of feeling guilty because he has done nothing wrong, we can tell him that we prefer honesty above all else and that we will always act calmly and maturely when listening to the truth. But is getting angry really relevant?

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