The meaning of dreaming about robots: dreams about control

the meaning of dreaming about robots

You don’t need to have seen a movie about a machine rebellion to dream about robots. Robots appear frequently in dreams and can do so with positive or negative meanings, although almost always it is about reflecting on control, on everything you can control and what is beyond your control. We tell you in our dream dictionary all the meanings of your dreams with robots .

Why do you dream of robots

But what exactly is a robot? A robot is a programmable automatic machine capable of performing the most diverse tasks, but the person who acts without thinking, mechanically or even those who move directed by other people is also considered a robot. Does this sound like something to you? You have to take both senses into account when looking for the most accurate interpretation of your dream with robots .

Dreams with robots are complicated because you never know whether to keep the human part or the machine part. Surely more than once you have gone through life like an automaton , without knowing very well what you were doing, following the dictates of your family, your circle of friends or your partner. And perhaps the dream focuses on that aspect, which is the most human.

But it may be that dreaming about robots is a kind of wake -up call to a moment of low self-esteem if you look at robots with some envy. Those almost perfect machines that are capable of doing so many things. Would you like to increase your productivity ? Do you need days to have 36 hours to have time for everything? Wouldn’t it be great to put your emotions aside and focus on getting things done? It depends, you don’t need to idealize productivity either, although your boss would surely be delighted if you were a robot.

And there is one more aspect to take into account in your dreams with robots, perhaps the most important, and that is linked to anxiety problems . Robots are supposedly human-controlled machines. These dreams move between the feeling of control and the feeling of uncertainty and are a great wake-up call for you to realize that you cannot control everything , that sometimes some things are beyond the control that you would like to have over them.

The different meanings of dreaming about robots

Taking all this into account you can understand your dream with robots a little better , but we are going to see some examples of the most frequent dreams .

+ Dreaming that robots are rebelling

It is a typical almost apocalyptic movie scene very typical of the times we live in. Could it come true and the robots take over? It could be, but it won’t happen because you have this dream. This dream only reflects the moment of uncertainty that you are living and the fear that gives you not having control over almost anything that happens in your life.

+ Dreaming that we are all robots

What if we were all robots? The truth is that sometimes we behave as such, especially in matters of work. Sleep is a clarion call for you to pay any more attention to your inner human, so that you spend some time to understand and manage your emotions so that you turn off the autopilot and start living a life with full meaning.

+ Dreaming about fighting with a robot

Fighting in dreams does not usually convey positive emotions unless in the end you win the battle. This is a battle with yourself that reflects precisely that conflict between what you can control and what you cannot . In the end, you can only beat the robot if you learn to let go of everything that you cannot control and accept your limitations.

+ Dreaming that your partner is a robot

Surely more than once in your normal life you have wondered if your partner is a robot, especially if you live with a person who finds it difficult to express their emotions . Be careful because this dream indicates a relationship crisis that must be solved as soon as possible.

+ Dreaming that you make a robot

Need help? In those moments when you don’t get to everything, I’m sure you could use some extra help. But on many occasions you do not have a helping hand nearby and you know that you will have to do it yourself. Dreaming consists precisely in wishing things to happen and in this case when manufacturing the robot in dreams what you are doing is looking for a solution to solve your problem .

+ Dream that you are a robot

You are capable of a thousand things and all of them are perfect. Goodbye stress, goodbye stress, goodbye pressure. Because you are a robot. But remember that robots don’t have emotions either, and while it’s tempting not to have to deal with them, it wouldn’t be a very good idea to lose your humanity. This dream offers you an introspection exercise so that you can analyze everything that is wrong in your life and look for a solution as soon as possible.

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