The romantic rituals that can make you happier

the romantic rituals that can make you happier

There are rituals that can change your life in many ways, there are others that serve to attract love and others that simply have the ability to make you happier as a couple . If you want to try some of them , take note of our instructions because with them, it is possible that you will find what you long for.

Rituals to be happier

To perform the first ritual, you must gather the following ingredients : three twigs of olive tree, three of rosemary and another three of lavender. Stand in an open place where there are not many people. Stand with your back to the sun, and hold the twigs between your hands with your fingers intertwined and your elbows bent. Close your eyes, take three deep breaths and recite: ‘Happiness comes and goes, but I want mine to stay with me forever. Mother earth, give me what I need to be happy. ‘ Bury the twigs at your feet (if you are at home you can put them in a pot).

The second ritual that you can try to be happier is the following. Gather a moonstone, two spearmint leaves, and some sugar. You will also need a white cloth handkerchief. Sit cross-legged in a quiet place and, if possible, outdoors. Place the stone in the palm of your left hand and the peppermint in the right. Recite: ‘yours is the earth, mine the power to be happy through it. Give me the energy I need to overcome adversity and may happiness stay in my soul forever. ‘ Pass the peppermint to the left hand. With your right, now free, spread the handkerchief on your lap, add a pinch of sugar and place the stone and leaves on top. Close the handkerchief with two knots.

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