What if I don’t regret an infidelity?

what if i dont regret an infidelity

Infidelity creates a fissure within the couple because it is a deception

Have you been unfaithful and you don’t regret it? You are not the only one. Whenever we talk about infidelity as one of the most frequent problems in relationships, we associate it with guilt, regret and forgiveness, but it does not always happen. There are people who cheat on their partner and feelings of guilt do not appear anywhere. That is why we ask ourselves, what happens if I do not regret an infidelity? The answer depends.

Reasons why you do not regret an infidelity

If you are wondering thanks to what mental process an unfaithful person does not regret, we tell you that there may be several reasons.

+ Infidelity, they say, can save a relationship in crisis. Sleeping with another person can make you reflect on your relationship and realize that it is really worth trying to keep trying. And infidelity? It was just an experiment, but if your partner never finds out, all the better.

+ Having a lover for a time, which is considered repeated infidelity, can cause you to discover that you really do love your official partner. Adventure helps you improve your self-esteem, to feel desired, but true love and stability may outweigh.

+ It may also be that thanks to an infidelity you discover that your relationship does not make sense, that you do not love your partner or that you are in a relationship out of inertia . If you hadn’t been unfaithful, you would never have dared to end a relationship that had no future.

+ There is yet another reason why you may not regret cheating. Your partner has not found out about the deception, you have enjoyed the meeting, the adventure has filled you with vitality and it will not be repeated. There is no reason to make a drama out of a slip that you don’t even consider as such.

Questions for when you are unfaithful

Whatever the reason you do not regret it , you should never lose sight of the fact that you have cheated on your partner. This is the reality. So it wouldn’t hurt if you took some time to reflect on the situation and analyze some factors:

+ Has your partner found out about your infidelity?

+ Was it a one night stand or are you determined to have a lover?

+ Do you think your partner will forgive you if he finds out about your infidelity?

+ Do you think your partner is unfaithful?

+ Do you know that there are open couples without sexual exclusivity where infidelity does not exist?

We transfer these questions to you so that you are aware of your sentimental situation . Without entering into value judgments and from an objective perspective, we dare to say that cheating on your partner is not the best way to preserve trust as a couple, and it does not favor communication much either. A hoax is a hoax and always will be, even if you don’t regret having done it.

When you don’t regret being unfaithful

And no, you don’t have to regret it. If you’re feeling good, if you’ve discovered a few things about your relationship, or if you’ve just had an unforgettable night, you don’t need regret . But think about whether the lack of repentance will lead you to be unfaithful over and over again because in that case you have to react:

+ It is not healthy to cheat in a relationship.

+ Your partner does not deserve to live a lie.

+ What if you talk to your partner and you form an open couple?

We are not in favor of guilt, punishment or regret, but we are in favor of honesty within the couple and, above all, respect. Infidelity , no matter where you look at it, creates a fissure within the couple because it is a deception. An unnecessary deception because there are other ways of understanding the couple that would allow you to sleep with other people without lies, without cheating, without infidelity.

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