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Andrea Salinas is an American television actor and a Reality Star. Salinas biography reveals that she was born in 1993 to parents Janie Salinas and Oscar Salinas. However, during his childhood, he had to go through a difficult phase as his father Oscar was often involved in several lesser crimes. He has been charged with a DWI and drives with a suspended license.

At the age of 25, Andrea celebrates her birthday on April 18 each year, bearing American nationality. She and her identical twin sister, Amanda Salinas Castillo, were born with Achondroplasia Dwarfism. Her twin sister Amanda got married to Jordan on August 25, 2018.

She entered this world in Texas, in the United States, and at first the world was not kind to her. Daughter of Oscar and Janie Salinas, she was diagnosed with achondroplasia dwarfism, just like her twin sister Andrea.

Despite their health ailments, both girls did not fall into despair and began careers as club dancers. After gaining initial success on stage at their local club, they moved to Atlanta to pursue their career. In that city, they performed as a duo ‘The Tiny Twins’ and were noticed by TV producers and invited to the show ‘Little Women: Atlanta’, which made them famous.

Now Amanda is a famous TV star with a huge fan base. Her viewers support her and admire her inner strength. She is married to her longtime partner Jordan Castillo. The woman is planning to leave the club dancer career and wants to become a club promoter.


Andrea Salinas is an American television actor and a Reality Star. Salinas biography reveals that she was born in 1993 to parents Janie Salinas and Oscar Salinas. She was born on July 1, 1981. Salinas is 28 years old in 2019. She who stands at 3 feet 10 inches (1.16 meters) high received her education in her hometown.


Oscar Salinas (father)

He is also known to the viewers of ‘Little Women: Atlanta’. For now, the man appears to be a great father and grandfather, who has adopted his grandson André, who has been diagnosed with dwarfism. But before he was a heavy drinker, who ruined his children’s childhood with his addiction.

As Amanda said in her interview, she was not happy as a child and even dreamed that one day her parents would get a divorce.

But her life changed for the better in 2002 when Oscar was arrested for driving under the influence and sent to rehab.

Now he remains sober and takes care of his wife Janie, twin daughters Andrea and Amanda, who suffer from dwarfism, and his other two children – a son and daughter – who are medium in size.

Janie Salinas (mother)

Mother of 4 children and wife of Oscar Salinas, she dedicates her whole life to her family.

She was a good mother to her twins, who looked ‘special’, and is now raising her nephew André, who has also been diagnosed with dwarfism.


Andrea Salinas (twin sister)

Andrea is Amanda’s twin sister, who is only a couple of minutes younger. The girls were born with dwarfism, although during their mother’s pregnancy no one could foresee such a disorder.

In general, Andrea and Amanda are good friends. They grew up together and both started careers at a club party in their hometown in Texas. They both moved to Atlanta to get more opportunities in their area. They performed under the stage moniker ‘The Tiny Twins’. Both gained international popularity as the star of the reality show ‘Little Women: Atlanta’, which launched in 2016.

Andrea and Amanda have had some altercations over Andrea’s boyfriend Chris, whom Amanda considers unreliable. But they reconciled after Andrea became a mother. Amanda is like a second mom to her sister’s children with Chris Fernandez. Andrea has three: André (5 year old son), Aubrey (2 year old daughter) and Anaya (1 year old daughter). All children have dwarfism.


Andrea may not be married yet, but she has been in an intermittent relationship with her boyfriend, Chris Fernandez for five years. She shares three children with her boyfriend. All of her children, 5-year-old Andre, 2-year-old Aubrey, and nine-month-old Anaya have Achondroplasia dwarfism. Indeed, his son Andre was born very sick. He was diagnosed with lung disease, but his disease soon recovered.

Andrea had revealed her plans to give her third child up for adoption; she was not ready to take care of her third child due to her relationship with her boyfriend. But he did not follow up on the information.

Many wonder when Andrea will get engaged, since she has already welcomed three children. But things don’t seem so rosy for her to move into married status.

There were several speculations, suggesting that her boyfriend was cheating on her, but the information was never confirmed there.


Andrea began her career as a club dancer with her twin sister. She performed alongside her sister Amanda as ‘Tiny Twins’, earning a legendary tag within the community.

Later, Andrea moved to Atlanta to seize more significant opportunities in club dance. She gained a significant amount of fame by dancing at the club, but her career took off after her appearance in Season 3 of Little Women: Atlanta. After taking part in the show, she and her sister stopped dancing at the club and focused more on the show.

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In 2016, she and her twin sister even appeared as guests in Rickey Smiley For Real. The two also appeared on Rickey Smiley Morning Show, a syndicated radio show that is co-hosted by their fellow Little Women: Atlanta cast member Shirlene ‘Ms. Juicy ‘King Pearson. Andrea also appeared on the show, Couple Retreats in one of the Little Women episodes alongside her boyfriend, Chris Fernandez.

As a reality star, Andrea receives a thoughtful salary of $ 50k. She amassed her net worth not only from reality TV but also from her previous job as a dancer and event host.


As a reality star, Andrea receives a thoughtful salary of $ 50k. She amassed her net worth not only from reality TV but also from her previous job as a dancer and event host. According to Wikipedia, Forbes & Various Online resource, Andrea Salinas’ estimated net worth is $ 17 million.

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