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Ben Tankard is a former American professional basketball player, now gospel and jazz keyboardist, record artist, producer, songwriter and songwriter from Daytona Beach, Florida. His musical career has resulted in over 250 songs.


Tankard was born on January 10, 1964 in Daytona Beach, Florida, United States. He is 54 years old in 2018.


Tankard was born into a family that had religious roots. His father was a minister while his mother was a missionary. He had the opportunity to play drums at an early age. He played tuba at school and got a basketball scholarship. He appeared in the NBA draft but unfortunately injured his knee before he could start the season.


Tankard is married to Jewel LaGreen Tankard . They married on January 27, 2000 and have five children. As a family, they star in the reality TV show Thicker Than Water. Jewel had been married for two years prior to her current marriage to Tankard. He has a son from that marriage. He is a reality star of his family’s show business as well as a business tycoon and pastor. It also hosted its nationwide syndicated show called the Jewel Tankard Show.


Tankard is the father of five adult children: Marcus, Brooklyn, Britney, Benji and Cyrene Tankard. They star in the reality TV show Thicker Than Water.

Ben Tankard and his wife Jewel Tankard

Tankard contacted a third grade teacher named Yolanda Adams and signed her for Tribute. He produced his albums Through the Storm, Save the World, More Than A Melody and Yolanda… Live in Washington. They connected and collaborated on over 40 compositions. He credits his voice for helping to bring his production style and keyboard playing to a large audience.

On July 16, 2011 Tankard received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Musical Excellence as an Artist, Producer and Songwriter from the Atlanta Gospel-fest. Ben Tankard is also a well-known speaker and has spoken at major venues and events for the NBA, Joel Osteen and Bishop TD Jakes among others.

Since 2012 Tankard has worked with the National Basketball Association (NBA) on special projects as a musician and motivational speaker. He helped his support for the New York-based NBA League Player Development Division and his role allows him to share his success stories and show players ‘how to have a life outside of basketball’. In Tankards his motivational sessions with young D-League players, Ben often plays a jazz mini-concert from the piano as players write their goals and plans.


Ben Tankard has an estimated net worth of $ 5 million. According to the biopic, Ben Tankard owns a three-level Mansion Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA worth $ 1,320,000. The house was built in 2001 and consists of 5 bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms, a swimming pool and covers an area of ​​5,962 square feet. The tankard house is fully furnished with total exotics. Ben Tankard is a car lover. In total, Ben Tankard has two hummer machines; and a fantastic $ 90,000 MXT Truck RXT luxury truck. Two Hummer H2s for $ 32,000 each, a BMW S1000 XR, an Exceed Golf car, two Mercedes SUVs and a stylish truck. Ben Tankard owns the 1976 Cessna 421C which is worth $ 289,000 and a 43220D aircraft which costs $ 300,000.


Ben Tankard Heavenly Vibes

Album: Mercy Mercy Mercy
Released: 2009
Genre: Christian / Gospel


Feed your dreams, ignite your destiny
April 28 Tuskegee, AL Tuskegee University
April 30 Orlando, FL
May 18 Norcross, GA
May 19 Columbus, GA
May 20 Phoenix City, AZ
May 25 Gainesville, FL
May 26 Keystone, FL
May 27 Miami , FL
May 28 Atlanta, GA
June 1-3 Birmingham, AL Jazzfest
June 8 Daytona Beach, FL
June 9 Tampa, FL Jazzfest
June 10 Sarasota, FL
June 15 Warner Robbins, GA
June 16 Alma, GA
June 22 Spartanburg, SC
June 23 Durham, NC
June 29 Bowling Green, KY
June 30 Exmore, VA

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