With what signs is the Sagittarius man compatible in love

with what signs is the sagittarius man compatible in love

Before you blame yourself for your unsuccessful dating history, you better find other culprits. Surely the men. But maybe even they were not to blame, maybe it was the stars that lined up saying that your relationship was not possible. And it is that although it seems incredible, the compatibility between zodiac signs is very important in the development of the couple’s relationship. Find out which signs the Sagittarius man is compatible with in love.

How is the Sagittarius man in love

The Sagittarius man is a playboy in the best sense of the word. He is energetic, vital and adventurous and loves to spend his life enjoying, exploring, laughing. In his search for a stable partner, he amuses himself with fleeting loves that bring him novelty and excitement.

When he falls in love , when he meets the woman of his life, the Sagittarius man guarantees fidelity, but asks in turn for large doses of honesty and sincerity. Able to give himself to the loved one , he will feel much more comfortable if a private space is left him.

What signs is the Sagittarius man compatible with

+ Are you compatible with Aries?

Because they are two fire signs, the compatibility is high between the Sagittarius man and the Aries woman , in a relationship full of intensity and emotion. Together, they form a sparkling couple that can explode when they least expect it.

+ Is it compatible with Taurus?

There is little compatibility for these two very different signs where the Taurus woman needs a structured life, while the Sagittarius man needs adventures. Therefore, the relationship between the two has very little chance of being successful.

+ Is it compatible with Gemini?

The Sagittarius man finds a medium compatibility with the Gemini woman , in a relationship that can be plagued with disagreements but with many similarities of character. They can feel a beautiful love for each other as long as they manage to be stronger than the obstacles that try to overturn them.

+ Is it compatible with Cancer?

There is very little compatibility between these two signs that can be very attracted at first, but without a future as a stable couple . At first, they fall in love intensely, but everything starts to fall apart as the months go by.

+ Is it compatible with Leo?

The Sagittarius man has a high compatibility with the Leo woman , in a relationship as passionate as it is balanced. Both share that fire inside, so in bed they also make a good couple.

+ Are you compatible with Virgo?

Due to their flexibility in the face of circumstances that can overcome any disagreement, both signs have a medium compatibility . Sagittarius and Virgo have a very different way of being, but they get along when they learn to understand each other.

+ Is it compatible with Libra?

There is a medium compatibility between these two signs, where the Sagittarius man feels admired by the Libra woman . When the wind blows in your favor, a beautiful relationship can be born between the two, but if not …

+ Is it compatible with Scorpio?

There is a medium compatibility for the Sagittarius man and the Scorpio woman , with whom they do not get to understand each other outside of the sexual sphere. They can get along very well, but it is common that over time, they realize that they are more friends than lovers.

+ Are you compatible with Sagittarius?

The compatibility is very high with a woman of the same sign , so much so that they can get the long-awaited perfect partner. No one understands their crazy things better than another Sagittarius.

+ Is it compatible with Capricorn?

The Sagittarius man has a low compatibility with the Capricorn woman , with whom he does not feel safe or comfortable. They are two opposite poles that, although they can attract each other, do not usually go very far.

+ Is it compatible with Aquarius?

The similarities between the Sagittarius man and the Aquarius woman make this couple have a very high compatibility and a high probability of a happy ending.

+ Is it compatible with Pisces?

Little compatibility for this couple of opposite signs with irreconcilable differences in their vital approaches. Sagittarius and Pisces will never feel the proper connection for their partner to function.

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