Women and men: financial infidelity

financial infidelity

There are two things that can end a relationship: routine and lies. If we must face the routine as a couple, facing a lie is usually a thing of one and not of both. Women and men practice lying , cheating or infidelity within the couple without taking into account its consequences. And it turns out that infidelity is not only sexual, it also exists and, in addition, it is very frequent, financial infidelity .

What is financial infidelity

Few people have not suffered or practiced infidelity. When we talk about infidelity , we are generally talking about having sex with someone other than the partner. If we go a little further, some people consider infidelity to have a platonic love, without sex, but with the heart. And today there is even talk of virtual infidelity when flirting through social networks.

And it is that there are infidelities of all kinds. We are especially struck by the increase in so-called financial infidelity , a new word that we will hear more and more. Financial infidelity is, like all infidelity, a deception, in this case in matters of money. Any lie related to the couple’s finances is considered financial infidelity.

There are several types of financial infidelity whose consequences can be more or less disastrous for the relationship . Either a member of the couple makes expenses that they hide from their partner or one of the two omits information about the real state of their joint economy and, when reality prevails, they find themselves with an impossible debt to face.

Consequences of financial infidelity

It seems that the issue of money does not fit into the puzzle of love . Nobody likes to talk about money, but the truth is that in the realm of the couple, clear accounts are vital. If trust is the pillar on which any relationship is built, that pillar also extends in the economic field. If one fine day you realize that your partner is using the common money without consulting you, probably trust, in all areas, will weaken.

Different is the case in which you may find yourself ruined because your partner has not made you participate in all the money movements, a situation that usually leads to a crisis, not of trust, but of the partner, and that most of the Sometimes it ends in final separation.

In any case, it is never pleasant to realize that your partner, for example, earns more than he tells you, or that he has an outstanding debt with the bank, or that he uses the common credit card to make his own expenses. All of them financial infidelities that will make you distrust your partner also in the sentimental field.

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