Breast surgeries: everything you need to know!


Every woman’s dream is to have the perfect breasts. High and firm, natural looking and soft; thanks to plastic surgery it is now possible to achieve.

When talking about surgeries to improve the aesthetic aspect of the breasts, a series of different procedures are considered depending on the needs of each patient. A breast reduction to reduce the size of the breasts, a breast augmentation to increase their volume, a breast lift (with or without implants) to lift sagging breasts, and a breast revision surgery for all cases of previous unsuccessful surgeries.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Luca Piombino helps Woman Magazine understand what the most suitable surgery could be in each case.

Breast augmentation, reduction and lift

Breast augmentations are one of the most performed plastic surgery procedures in the world. Through the insertion of implants, it is possible to increase the volume of the breasts and possibly correct asymmetries.
It is a relatively easy operation, lasting about an hour and if performed by expert hands leaves minimal scars.

After one or more pregnancies or because of aging, the breasts may appear empty, droopy or not very firm causing a sense of discomfort to the woman.
In these cases, explains Dr. Piombino, it is possible to resort to a mastopexy, a plastic surgery procedure that aims to correct the ptosis of the breast and bring it back to its original position. If the woman desires an increase in volume, it is also possible to insert breast implants during this procedure.

On the other hand, if the source of discomfort comes from breasts that are too large, it is possible to undergo a breast reduction. This procedure is aimed at reducing and reshaping the breasts and is especially performed in cases of pathologies such as gigantomastia.

Unfortunately, sometimes patients are not satisfied with the results of a previous surgery and want to improve their appearance. In these cases, the right procedure is a revision surgery which is a procedure that allows for the correction of unsatisfactory results of a previous breast augmentation or reduction.

Breast revision cases are much more common than you may think, says Dr. Luca Piombino, and to avoid the likelihood of this possibility it is always important to choose a trained professional: a poorly performed surgery could be very difficult to correct later.

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Tips for those who want to undergo breast surgery

To undergo a breast surgery, it is necessary to go through a thorough examination so that the plastic surgeon can assess the baseline of the breasts, the structure of the chest, determine if there are any deformities or complexities, and plan the operation best suited to the patient’s breast type and needs.

Personally, Dr. Piombino adds, I scrupulously plan each breast operation which is studied in every detail on the patient’s body in order to choose the most suitable technique or, eventually, to combine different ones together to obtain the best aesthetic result.

Another important piece of advice is to always refer to a skilled and prepared board-certified plastic surgeon with experience and enough surgical interventions to guarantee optimal and long-lasting results.

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