Dreaming of mistletoe: the magic of Christmas

the magic of christmas

Christmas-related dreams can occur at all times of the year and you have to pay attention to their message because it can be important. This is the case of dreaming about mistletoe , a dream that is surrounded by magic and power and that will transmit you very good vibes. Discover its meaning and interpretation in our dream dictionary .

The magic of dreaming about mistletoe

Mistletoe is one of those elements that define Christmas , like holly. They say that you have to kiss under a mistletoe branch for your relationship to last or to have a happy partner and it seems that you have to do it on Christmas dates. So at least they tell us in the movies. But the mistletoe has a huge dream symbolism at any time of the year.

+ Therefore, we find in the meaning of this dream with mistletoe aspects as important as magic, power, vitality and success . This plant was used by the Druids for its healing and sometimes miraculous properties, it was part of important rituals and it gave protection to homes. There is a reason why you wake up from this dream totally renewed.

+ Dreaming about mistletoe can help you feel more confident about yourself, as it happens when you have a talisman or a lucky charm. All the ancient power of the druids will come directly to you through your dreams to enjoy good luck and success . Although do not forget to work it, that luck alone can do little.

+ And magic. Mistletoe is a magical plant, with magical powers . What does this mean in dreams? That it is time to realize the power you have , to use your inner strength and all the resources you have to change your life and get closer to that life you want so much. It is the moment when you dream of mistletoe, so take advantage of it.

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