Capricorn men and women: compatible in the horoscope?

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There is always a lot of talk about what other signs are compatible with Capricorn men, but how they get along with women of the same sex. The horoscope tries to find out who those of this zodiac sign are most related to.

It would seem obvious to think that everyone gets along very well with those of the same sign since they are just like them. However it is not always so. Doesn’t it happen to you sometimes that you are so tired that you can’t even hold on to yourself? Well imagine if you have someone around you who has a personality very similar to yours . Other people are so explosive that if two alike get together, Troy can burn. However, there are some who are best complemented by those of their own sign, such as Capricorn men.

The horoscope of Capricorn men and women

Indeed, when two Capricorns get together, the possibility that things will go well is quite high . And it is that nobody better than another person of this same zodiac sign so that he knows how to understand what goes through the head of the Capricorn man. When Capricorn men and women form a couple, they can create more than just a relationship: besides boyfriends, they are best friends. The degree of compatibility of this sign with itself is very high. And it is that, like all, Capricorn men are complicated, so there is no one better than someone as serious and cold as him to understand him.

Other signs that they get along best with are Pisces, Taurus or Scorpio. However, it is better for Capricorn men to stay well away from signs like Aries, Gemini or Leo . They will never connect as much as they do with other signs of the zodiac.

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