What to do to be compatible with Virgo men

what to do to be compatible with virgo men

Love relationships are a mystery: why we are attracted to that person, why we cannot stop thinking about that someone, why the pain has stopped being emotional until it is physical , what do you have to do to make that boy become look at you … Luckily we have the horoscope to try to shed some light on so many doubts. Let yourself be guided by the advice of the zodiac to know what to do to be compatible with that Virgo man with whom you are beginning to fall in love.

Virgo man and love

Virgo men have a hard time externalizing their feelings ; You won’t see him getting excited about a romantic movie or expressing all he feels about you. Although it would be a good idea for you to help him remove everything that he has inside , which sometimes has it embedded, do not ask for pears from the elm tree. Don’t pressure him because you could block him.

For the Virgo man to see that you are compatible with him, you have to know how to earn it : show yourself as a person with whom he can have a great time in good times but who is also there when the sun does not shine so bright . You tend to feel very lonely in bad times, so you can’t hurt someone trustworthy to support you.

He is a man very dedicated to his work, whom he considers almost his priority in life . For your compatibility to be maximum, consider that you have to be as responsible as him with his job or, at least, that you respect his long hours fulfilling his position. It tries, however, to make him see that you cannot live to work, but quite the opposite: work to live. Of course, if one day you get to live together and you want the coexistence to work, you better get used to being orderly because otherwise you will be unhinged.

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