Dreaming of the winning lottery number: visions of the future

dreaming of the winning lottery number

Almost everyone needs more money, so it is not strange that a lottery ticket appears in your dreams. Dreaming of the winning lottery number is unfortunately not a vision of the future or a premonitory dream, but it has an interpretation . Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of the winning lottery number.

Why do you dream of the winning lottery number

It is about Christmas and it is normal to dream about gifts and lottery. One of the most frequent dreams at this time of year is to dream of the winning ticket numbers, a dream that we would like to be a premonition, but it is not. Or not necessarily. The meaning of this dream with lottery numbers clearly speaks of your wants and needs .

That it is not a vision of the future does not mean that if you are going to buy a lottery ticket you do not opt ​​for the number you have dreamed of. Almost no one could resist doing it, but you must be clear that the chances of getting the prize are the same if you choose the number you have dreamed of as if you choose another at random. This dream also speaks of chance .

Because you are relying too much on good luck and chance to feel better, to improve your life and to solve your problems. And the jackpot is not going to be given to you by your dreams. The numbers you dream of may have some concrete meaning if you believe in numerology, but most likely it is a game of your subconscious to keep the illusion .

It is clear that you have needs and desires that you cannot cover if you do not hit the winning lottery number . This dream keeps you excited, but it should also help you to be happy with the resources you have at the moment, work with them to feel better and not let luck take care of your happiness.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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